Happy New Year beautiful souls!!! I hope that you all entered 2010 joyful, safe, happy, and relatively sober. 😉

Many people are going to attempt in the next few weeks to adhere to the rules and regulations we call resolutions. I, personally don’t believe in them. But, I do believe in purging. And, what I mean by that is removing things in my life that are no longer serving my highest good.

I think its important to take stock in life, of behavior, people, and aspects of one’s life, and be honest in how they serve you. And, yes…it’s all a service, whether it be ill or good.

I’m going to be doing a body detox in the next coming weeks. And, I’m doing so at the request of my body. It’s not feeling at its optimum. I’m going to remove all the toxins from it, so that it and I can better serve one another.

I’m going to allow drifting friendships to find another shore. It’s funny, people don’t realize that friendship is like any other relationship. It requires interest, nurturing, and love. And, I swear people are getting more and more lazy in how they maintain their friendships with people. They take their friends for granted, just like anything else. And, I’m now of the mind that if its too much to ask of you to maintain a healthy friendship with me, fuggabout it! And, its funny, as I’m not angry with anyone, perhaps mildly disappointed. But, most of all… I just want to make room for new people to enter my life.

I’m also going to purge my apartment this year. While I love the apartment, I don’t love the people and energies that surround it. It’s been like having a corner of paradise in purgatory. Contradictory??? Sure, but, that has been the experience. And, now, it’s time to have paradise within paradise. And, I think where we live works for us until we’ve outgrown it. And, by the end of the summer, I will have definately outgrown this place in all ways possible.

Apparently, I’m also purging personal items, from my coffee-maker, to clothing. Recently, things I’ve owned for years, have either broken, or in my view have appeared strange, or felt wrong. It’s good to not be sentimental about things, because when you become who you are going to be, its important to let go of who you were. And, the removal of things that represent who you were, can be like honoring that phase, but, saying good-bye to it all at once. You cannot become who you want to be, without letting go of who you were. Plainly put: You have to die a little bit, in order to continue to live. It’s called Transformation. It’s what butterflies have been demonstrating to us for eons.

I’m excited about this year–I’m going to become a Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Intuitive Counselor! And, I may just become ordained as well. So, yeah, I have to make room for these major transformations. So, that means–a lot of stuff has to go. And, go it will!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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