I don’t know about anyone else, but, I am so fucking tired of going to my inbox finding that I’ve been hammered by mass marketing from retailers! I’m tired of having to recycle the countless amounts of catalogs and coupons on a daily basis!
Newsflash: The way out of a economic recession ISN’T creating more consumer debt!
I’ve gotta rant about this, I do. I usually hate it when I read ranting blogs, but, dagnabit–this insanity has gotta stop!
America, it’s over! Seriously, the blinding, blinging days of yesterday are done! The credit market has dried up, big corporations are looking like street-beggers, and the retail industry is trying to pay three-card monty with  YOUR hard earned! The time for buying shit we don’t need is in ashes blowing in the wind! And, we need to take a stand against this all-out assault on our senses! We need to stop being so damn insecure, competitvie and shallow!
A man died in Walmart on Black Friday. And, no one cared, that is except his family, friends AND the media! How many papers do you think that story sold? How much did advertisers spend on commericals during the news broadcast? How much ad space was sold on blogs, and the like??? Sick isn’t it?? Well, unfortunately, that’s the reality we’re living in. But, hey, if the truth is too  much for you–Macy’s opens its doors at 6am, and the sales are incredible! See??? It’s call medicating! If there’s no pill to keep you ignorant to the fact that Capitalism is souless, and careless with it’s customers, you can always go buy something. Even if you don’t have the cash, just open up a credit card account… NOT!
Globally, we’ve been so off-track for so long in terms of what makes us happy as a species, something HAD to give! If you keep driving a defective car long enough–it’s going to breakdown eventually! If you keep smoking those funny cigarettes (or, the not-so-funny kind) long enough, chances are you’re going to suffer major damage done to your body. Gluttony in any form will mean being crushed by some kind of weight!
People are losing jobs, homes, hope, faith and still-still these greedy ass-wipes want us to think about spending money on useless crap! Listen, I’m not against having nice things. I’m really not. I have my share of designer things–all bought on sale, or extreme discounts–but, I have them. But, there’s no way in heck that I think so little of myself that I’d rather have diamonds than food! Or, Ralph Lauren rather than a roof!
We have to start telling the truth about what’s going on here. We need to safeguard ourselves from those who truly do mean us harm. And, who’s that? Um…anyone who thinks you should pay them, while you fuck yourself! That is what we call an enemy. I don’t care how they smile, what they say, or what kind of negotiating they do–they’d see you out on the street, while accumulating more excess for themselves. Case in point–stomped dude at Walmart. Makes me sick everytime I think about it.
We’ve had so many wars–on terror, on drugs, but, this one is the one we never speak about, war over the human mind and heart. You’d better protect ya neck, cause they aren’t playing. Don’t believe me??? Check your email, and um…don’t forget your junk mailbox! They want your money, or your life. This is indeed a stick-up, with a little bit more finese. WAKE UP!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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