Today was filled with a roller coaster of activities… I saw a very good friend today and vibed with him in our favorite coffee spot. And, then I came home and had a awesome party…there was dancing, laughing, food and drink–though the party was quite small…it was just me. It all started when I picked up my african drum. It had been a christmas present from my ex-husband and I hadn’t played it in years. But, today, I warmed it on the stove and began to play. Now, according to Native American tradition, the drum is played to the rhythm of the heart beat. And, when I played, I felt something deep within me awaken. And, that’s when I knew I needed to listen to some Rusted Root. Not just any album by them but, the most precussion heavy of them all… Cruel Sun! So, I cranked my speakers and hooped, hollered, and danced like the tribal goddess I am! And, it was awesome!!!!! I love that part of myself, the part of me that loves to dance, laugh and enjoys being… It’s such a good thing that I bought my dance sneakers a couple of weeks ago! Thing is…no matter where I go, inside I’m dancing. So, it’s good to have the right shoes, just in case the inside wants to come out.
Good thing I enjoyed dancing because I just had one of the most disturbing conversations of my life. People, I want to be honest, I am not into organized religion of any sort. I am not down for any religion that places itself or it’s congregation above anyone who do not believe what they do. I believe in ONEness. I do not believe we are seperated by anything more than ignorance. It doesn’t bother me that everyone does not believe as I do. But, it does bother me when people try an impose their belief system onto me. I am an individual. Though God is omnipotent and omnipresent, it was nice of them (he and she) to give us the ability to experience individuality and free will. Meaning: you and I have a choice in this experience we call life. You do not have any right to tell me what my life experience should be and vice versa. I find it sad that people would rather focus on the separations in life, rather than the common threads that say we are one. Heck, even sciene is telling us, we’re one strand or DNA from being a roach, lobster, tree… whatever… maybe you find that upsetting, I find it freeing. It means, I’m not alone ever! And, we are the same even when we appear different. That’s comforting.
Why am I saying this??? I’m saying this because my mom has just completely grossed me out with her views on homosexuality and subscribes her belief to “Thus sayeth the lord”. Back to DNA people and Omnipotence and Omnipresence–deal with it. Imperfection is a myth that was created by the human ego and the need to place oneself above another. Love is unconditional…period. And, I choose love. I will always choose love. I choose love even when my mom tell me that Jesus Christ seperates she and I. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what Jesus would do. He gets the blame for a lot of misguided behavior, as do Mohammed, Budda, Krishna, Isis, and so many others. The same message (of love) gets sent over and over and over, and still by the time the ego gets it, the message has been twisted to keep us separated, and in fear of a God that would not judge itself, therefore, how could it judge anything it’s given birth to?  In the words of Marvin Gaye, “Makes me wanna holla!!!!” As for my mom??? It’s her call. My life experience is my own, I am the author of this story. I will not go against who I am, what I know to be true, for anyone using love as a bait. Yes, I love you, I love all of you. But… I LOVE ME MORE.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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