Truth is
Amid mass confusion it waits quietly in the dark…
–Rooted in the cool embrace of green Terra waiting to be born
Chanting in silence, ignored and yet potent beyond thought.

In the abyss of all there is–is this thing that makes all things possible.
And, yet, it is spoken in hushed tones, and kept hidden from ourselves.
–Unwanted, yet as undeniable as the ever expanding universe.

Whatever did it do, but, be itself, and proclaim its existence?
Why do we shun this thing, so desperately needed, but, given so little respect?
In all things real it exists, yet lives in all nothing before matter is made whole.

–Shoved deep into the labyrinth of our collective unconscious.
…Buried beneath layers of ideologies, false-gods, and unrealistic expectations.
Patiently awaiting the explosion of a volcanic eruption of what is already known.
Love Peace Happiness N One

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