You got lost somewhere along the way remaining tethered to your fear
Adoration is familiar to the point of boredom– like a plant drowning in a flood.
Knowledge grows, wisdom starves and you do not know the difference.
Has your reflection to the world become your identity?
Is the center of your universe lost amongst the chaos?
Do compliments replace confidence, is it the latest high?
Spinning wheels dig graves … And, you’re sinking into yours.
The darkness isn’t friendly, but, at least you’re acquainted, right?
A victim; of the vices that would help you remember to forget what it was all about.
Do you remember why you even started down this road?
Aren’t the bags heavy enough, without adding more?
Has the heart compass been lost in hazes of emptied bottles and cups?
Hallowed out of all that is real, a shell goes through the motions of reality…
–Having none of its own.

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