…And, I’ll meet you in the time of never it is closer than you might think. 
Do not hesitate, and don’t be late, as it comes but in a wink.
Perhaps then, a fountain will spring truth from your core…
And, seedlings planted five years past, will become something more.

It may be yesterday, today, tomorrow, or those thereafter…
It maters not, as the answer will be the same–an endless blissful rapture.
The scenery may shift, but, the planets need not align….
What is–is, in its splendor, awaiting resistance to decline.

Understand, where there is one, there will be both divided by none.
 So, let the tide bring many, yes, let them come!
I am hardly troubled by the direction they travel from!
You shall see–all shall see… Where there are both: there will be one.

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