Nature Takes Her Course
Disappointed in scattered showers
Randomly sprinkling fields of seeds buried in faith.
Germination stalled, by the unwillingness to accept nature.
She does what she must.
Opened air swimming with energy
Ready to bloom this garden.
Yet, the sky reflects moist, dark earth pensive with waiting.
She is a force that will be.
All around life flourishes with wonder
Hungry for the harvest of what is pushing itself to break the surface
–To break free of ones self. To be ones self.
She will have her way.
The sun grows tired with its own company–
Missing: the soft kisses of  cornflower clouds.
And, screaming silence, beckoning the rain.
She is inevitable.
A breeze brings news of traveling clouds
Gathering across time in counsel before their return.
 Elders of blue and gray discussing what will be.
She has decided.
– Monica

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