So, because Jazz said I need to play more… I did just that last night, and will continue to today.
I am a self-realized, quite proud geek. And, when I’m feeling extra geeky, I have my best friend Gene to do geek-like stuff with. For example, last night in the spirit of playing we went and saw Transformers! And, despite the mean-spirited reviews of some ultra bitter critics…it was really fucking good! And, no, even though it was screaming product placement, I didn’t want to go buy a 18 wheeler truck because I have a crush on Optimus Prime (seriously how can you not crush with a a name like that?!)! Gene has a thing for Bumble Bee…heehee! Anyway, the movie stays true to the cartoon I loved as a kid. And, by the way, I’m still mad at my mom for buying Star Scream for my brother for Christmas, while I got a stupid Barbie Doll! I hate dolls!!!! I’m sure I played with it more than he did.
Anyhoo…the night continued with drinks at a spot called Detour. Big props to the bartender Andrew who made a killer Manhattan on the rocks for me last night. It’s good to be able to chill every once in a while. Jazz is on point, I really gotta play more. And, James…yes, I know I’m human… I deal with it in small bites! LOL… Another shot out to Veselka for having kickass peroggis and potato pancakes that taste a lot like heaven at 12 am. I love ladkas…don’t eat them as much after my divorce. They are so freaking good!
So, today on independence day… the only thing I have scheduled is laundry and checking on my friend’s plants while she’s away! OOOOhhhh life is soooo good! I just freaking love mine! I sometimes forget the importance of not-doing. But, I’m getting better at it.
For real for real…slow your row and let the currents carry you for a while, so that you  can enjoy the cruise!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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