Man oh man…if you didn’t heed me before… I told you to hold onto something. I implored you to choose yourself. Because the ground is shaking beneath you, and it is giving way. Nah…things aren’t ever going to be the same again. And, neither will you.
Again…to quote a band I listen to to for my dark side to breathe….”Don’t wanna talk about politics!” Korn is a great band, I know people are little freaked out by Metal, but, they really should read lyrics. Even those people precieved as dark, or messed up, can drop pearls of wisdom, System of a Down anyone?  Indeed, we cannot assume that those who dress the part can be trusted. I mean, what’s up with the violence in congress last week or the violence at FSU just yesterday?! And, as I recall, all those who either witnessed innocent people being attached, or, actually did the attacking were “normal” looking people. Yeah, so was Jeffry Damler, or Father _________, or, um…your president–I’m still not claiming him!
So, here we are people in the midst of some serious ugliness! People are getting the beatdown physically, financially, spiritually and any other way one can think of. And, all the icky as I promised you is starting to bubble, bubble, coil and…–you know the rest. My point is, it’s finding light. And, now what? What?! What free-willed, free-thinking, free-spirited, free-soul people will you do?! The truth is, um…yeah, they aren’t looking out for you. Whoops, they never were. They just did one hell of an ad-campaign to sell you on the “idea” of  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You really didn’t think they meant for you to have it, did you? Come on, now, if you were happy in this country, then you wouldn’t buy stuff they need you to for a consumer debt economy. Your refusal to stop buying things you don’t need–do you know what that would do to the economy? Do you know how many ridiculously rich people would suffer, if you didn’t need to buy stuff to make you happy?! Don’t worry, in with today’s mortgage crisis, you can barely afford the stuff you do need, like…I don’t know… a home?!
Oh…oh..oh…sit tight, the show is just starting. There will be more ugly finding light. And, just when you think you’re ready to die from the stench of ick… There will be more ugly. You need to ask yourself, “What matters most?!”  –People matter, relationships matter, YOU matter. I had to tell you, just in case you’re even slightly confused. All those “things” you thought you wanted, aren’t gonna mean as much, when you realize that life is about “who” as opposed to the “what”. Wakey, wakey…here comes the sun, do, do, do, do, do… And, I say, its alright! 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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