Are you waiting for the world to change? Well, rest assured it will come. Change is inevitable. What I think people are confused about is how change happens. Change isn’t something that happens outside of us, its something that happens to us, or within us. Change is necessary for growth, and if we resist it, it persists and can overwhelm us like weeds in a garden.

We all want certain things in life, don’t we? What has become less evident is how we get the results we are looking for. The truth is: we cannot change each other. We can  only  change ourselves, and choose to accept one another–or, not. If you do not like the direction you’ve currently chosen for yourself. If you aren’t happy with the person you’ve allowed yourself to become–change! How do you do that? Well, one method may be—manifesting the end result first in your mind. Imagine the person you want become, and work backwards from there. It’s been said that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. What has not been said is that change is easy. It isn’t.

Humans like to think we’re forward thinking, original and innovative. I believe in our creations that is true. We create art, technological gizmos, and all sorts of useful things. But, those are creations,or tools–our greatest creation for change:  ourselves. Meaning: Do you really have to live your life doing and thinking the same things day in and out? Do you always have to have the same reaction when your buttons are being pushed? What if you changed your mind about yourself?? What if you decided that you would no longer repeat those mannerisms about yourself that really get on your nerves??? We all annoy our own selves at some point in time. But, it is a choice. We don’t have to react to our idiosyncratic behavior with criticism, when we can choose amusement. We can be gentle rather than harsh.

I think boredom is a huge issue nowadays. The things we do to distract ourselves from the rut of habit. “I’ve always done it this way”. Okay, but, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done another way.  “I’ve always been like this…” Yes, but, at any time, you can choose to behave differently, thereby creating a new version of you in that particular “now” moment. Thus, you are no longer bored with yourself, your life, or the world–because you just changed it! Ruts can be comforting, but, when you’ve searched every nook and cranny of a room, when you know the room so well it becomes boring–then it becomes a cell. Regardless of the fact that the door to the room is wide open and you can leave at any time–people stay.  Why??? Because even though it’s prison, it’s a comfortable boredom, misery, torture…etc. ” Outside that door is a world I don’t know, there’s people I don’t  trust, because I don’t know them. There’s ways of being that are so foreign to me that they are frightening! I’m not going out there!”

Trapped in a room by our own fear sounds maddening, doesn’t it??? Yet there are so many who function like this day in and out, for lifetimes. And, worse yet, they teach it to others. So, tell me, how can the world change, if you will not? How can the world be at peace, if the individual souls that when whole is the world, is too scared to walk into the unknown? Well, there are some who would rather walk into the unknown, then die of the boredom of what is known. Needless to say, I’m oversimplifying. But, my point is, we are complicated individual expressions of divinity. We have more colors to paint with than black or white,  red, blue, yellow, or green. When you look at the earth clearly–the colors are endless, the hues come in multitudes. I do not think we, as part of the earth are any different. We can be whomever we choose at any given time. It begins with a thought, and the thought must be expressed in action. And, like any newbie to any creative expression, we practice, we rehearse, we perform over and over, until we are one with the expression. And, behold–a new (changed) you has been born.

Once again, it bears  repeating–we cannot impose true change onto others. But–we can be the standard for change. Teaching isn’t always words on a page, or words spoken aloud. Teaching is living the lesson, rather than speaking it. When you do this–you are being observed. People are watching your transformation, regardless if you know them or not. And, as you achieve your success, you are silently letting everyone around you know that, yes, change is possible. It can be done. One soul at peace with itself means every soul has an opportunity to achieve the same. You need only have the thought, carve the path and walk it.  And, as you continue this journey, the world around you will indeed change!

Love Peace Happiness n One,


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