So here I am on Sunday afternoon in the city that I’ve been in love with for more than 10 years. Besides, my relationship with myself, I would say this is my most committed, most passionate relationship. I love New York City. If this place isn’t home for me on planet earth, then home on planet earth doesn’t exist.

Recently, I’ve been haunted by beautiful birds; specifically, the phoenix and the peacock. I would see peacocks in visions, in art, in clothing, it just seems like it’s everywhere. And, the phoenix is making itself known in my life in the ascension process. –Not only my ascension process, but, others that I speak to. And, that’s kinda what I want to discuss… what these two birds symbolize: immortality and rebirth.

Since my return from my trip, I’ve been quite aware of major changes in my spiritual self. And, the way I experience life. It’s hard to put into words, but, I’ll try. Apathy–it’s become very pronounced in my behavior. I’m just not interested in things that I can do nothing about. I am less and less interested in other people’s unnecessary drama. To be completely blunt: I’m bored! I find it amazing that people complain about their drama as if it’s just been discovered. And, given that most human experiences have become so run-of-the-mill that self-help, psychiatry and religion have experienced a noticeable surge over the years, let’s me know that—yeah, most experiences aren’t unique.

Talking—ova it. I really am not interested in people perpetuating problems by complaining. It’s never been a solution: complaining, lamenting, ruminating… All it does is keep us in a holding pattern of having problems. In short, the act of talking about how to solve problems doesn’t actually solve them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of using talking as a basis for planning a solution. But, it cannot stop there. We must do, we must act. Or, for heaven sake, stop talking. And, surrender to your self-made problem factory.

You’re probably wondering how apathy and talking relate to a phoenix and a peacock. It’s simple. A peacock is us in transition. It is the beauty of the human being as a physical entity, a psychological entity and a spiritual entity personified. But, we are cyclical (not so much round as spiral) beings whether we want to admit it or not. Like the planet we have our seasons of change. And, who think we are must change in order to become who we want to be. And, therefore, we–like the phoenix must be willing surrender to a kind of death in order, to rise from the ashes. That’s the ascension process, that’s growth, that’s life.

I’m watching the beginnings of a great divide happen. And, I think our current presidential election is the perfect example of this. Here we have two candidates who are on opposite sides of the universe. One speaks of change, the other states and then restates the ideas of experience and tradition. This is, in my opinion no different than the conversations, or arguments between children and parents. There is an assumption that just because something worked 20, 30, 50, or 100 years ago, that it will work now. –As if the lives of our parents must somehow be our lives; their ideas, our ideas, their experience, ours. The world simply isn’t the same for them as it is for us. The world is in its own ascension process. Example: A boulder perched on the edge of a mountain today, could be a boulder at the bottom of the mountain in a matter of years. And, yet, we approach the world as if everything is permanently fixed. It’s an illusion, and it’s fading fast.

The great divide, in my view will be a result of those who would embrace the truth of change, the truth of the ascension, the truth of how life works–versus–those who fear change, fear not knowing the answers, fear life in it’s natural state. And, yet, to support an illusion presents consequences. Just like the boulder that went from the top of the mountain to the bottom–so we will all. Meaning: Change happens without permission. When change, growth, or, what have you is a natural occurrence, using tradition and fear as a way to defy it is asking for a hard lesson to be taught. There is no choice when it comes to change, there’s only a choice in our reaction to it. Do I embrace it, and go with it? Or, do I try to work to maintain the illusion that it isn’t happening at all? Isn’t it interesting how peacocks in their negative symbolism, represent foolish pride???? That’s no accident… The immortality isn’t in the maintaining the illusion, but, in the embrace of the necessity of transition, of a kind of death, so that we may be reborn stronger, braver and more beautiful than ever–like the phoenix.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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