Ooooooommmmmm…. Ooooooommmm…. Oooooommmmmm….
Namaste fellow souls… I’m feeling really balanced right now…
My feet are rooted firmly in the earth and my head lives amongst the stars… I AM that I AM…and I’m feeling good!
(cue Nina Simone’s song: Feeling Good)
It’s another night at The Lilypad…that followed yet, another good day. And, today was about cleaning the temple. My temple I call my home, and my temple I call Me. 😉 I get sooo busy in my life that I don’t get to clean my apartment the way “I like it”. By no stretch of the imagination do I let my house get “dirty” per se, nor, do I like it immaculate. I like it too look and feel balanced, welcoming and lived in. If you’re invited here, I want you to fee like you can go into my kitchen and get yourself a drink and put your feet up on my couch. If I’ve invited you here, you are most certainly “welcomed”. One thing people say about my little temple underground is that the energy here is bright, that the feeling is good and warm. In other words, my apartment really is “mine”. Everything about it says me. It’s ecclectic, colorful, exotic, and makes a statement. I like to think of it as sophisticated bohemian chic. LOL…
All day today, I’ve taken the time to clean my home like an attentive lover. Making sure I pay attention to the details, that things are in their place, and that every aspect was attended to. I didn’t just clean the floors once…I actually did it four times. I swept, vaccumed, swiftered and mopped. I vaccumed up so much cat hair–the thing about cat hair is…it travels! Thank God for the suction on my vaccum cleaner. As I cleaned, I listened to buddhist chants, arabic music, meditation music, folk music, and celtic music. That reminds me, I got get some Gregorian Choir music. I also burned two kinds of incense. One was inspiration, and the other two purification. Afterward, I took a long, hot shower, lotioned up in some ginger, and am wearing some loverly…silk lingerie. You have to know that lingerie is apart of my life, and I do talk about it. It’s important that you do things that make you feel good about yourself. Women wear lingerie for themselves, not necessarily their mates. And, after all that was done… I smudged, I mean, I am a Native girl… partly, anyway. Truly…it was a perfect day. Some people require extravagance in their lives to make it worth living… and perhaps you’ll find this surprising, who knows? But, I am not an extravgant person when it comes to my home. I love beautiful things, most libras do. But, I also love things that have a purpose. I don’t buy gorgeous things to be looked at. I buy them to sleep in, to wear, to use, to drink from, to drink, to eat, to… you see? I’m not saving things for a special occassion, when for me…everyday is a special occassion, it’s a day I’m alive! And, that’s enough reason to celebrate.
I see sooo much heartache out there, so many people not happy because they are chasing happiness. Or, not in love, because they are chasing love. So many hoping, praying, searching for themselves…outside themselves. I understand, that was me once… but, no, not any more… And, I don’t think it’ll be most people soon enough. People are getting tired of the chase, which is wonderful, in my opinion. Perhaps when they stop chasing the pot of gold and the end of the rainbow, they’ll discover the treasure within.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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