Namaste! So good to speak with you again!

I really don’t blog or speak unless I feel the need to. In between these posts, I am living–yes, living. I think people get really caught up in the information game. They want to be the first to have the insight, the idea, or just to talk first. And, as I continue in my own masterhood, I realize–It’s not important to me. What’s important is that when I speak, I actually have something meaningful to say.

As, I look over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that I’ve spent winter, much like nature: quiet, alone, in silence and reflective. I’ve allowed things that no longer had my highest good as its purpose to leave. In fact, some of those things, I’ve ended myself. Being busy for the sake of busy-ness isn’t worth it to me. Relationships of any and all sort must have a positive effect on my life. They cannot be draining, toxic, ego-boasting, or spirit-sacrificing in nature. Masterhood requires energy, like all things. You need the time alone to change, you need it to feel, remember, transmute, transform and listen. Yes– a lot of time is require in order to listen properly. A lot of energy is needed in order to feel and to do nothing else. When we distract ourselves with people, obligations, things, etc… we are sacrificing knowing, and growing ourselves. And, I have no will to live that way anymore. No– not you, me, me… ME. No one else can be me, live me, grow me, change me, or make me happy. To avoid these tasks, to use someone or something else to keep me from it, is a slippery slope. We claim to not have enough time for ourselves, but, are quick to put blame on other people or things for not CHOOSING OURSELVES FIRST.  And, it’s wrong, it’s dangerous… it’s a lie. Your job, your spouse, your friends, and your children do not keep you from you– you do. And, you use your power of creation to create these situations in order to hide from yourself. That’s the truth. I think if we owned that truth, and sought balance, we’d be able to enjoy all aspects of our lives a bit better.

I was recently made aware that I have been giving too much of me to people. So much so, that I chose to spend all of president’s day/Valentine’s Day/Friday the 13– alone with myself in a winter wonderland. Funny how the mountains still call to me when I seek peace. But, yep, there I was in 0-19 degree weather, and one snow storm– walking in nature, soaking up the loud silence of snow-covered trees. I knew I was in alignment when the B&B owner was a Vastu Sutra practitioner, along with being an Ayurvedic Astrologer. Or, that my visit to my favorite coffee shop lead me to a conversation with a reiki practitioner who was also psychic. See, when you trust yourself with yourself; when you answer the call of spirit, you’re going to end up in alignment. Sometimes, that will mean you get to keep your relationships, sometimes, that means  it’s time to recognize those relationships have done all the good they can for you.

It seems as I continue my path, old energy is getting desperate. It’s hanging on with its last gasps, angry that it’s time for it to transform–to die. There is this quiet anger in the ether– people are being asked to make personal sacrifices more and more, all to save a world aka level of consciousness that CANNOT be saved. Transformation is the life of the universe–it’s how it continues, it’s inescapable. I have chosen to let it go. The sun rises and sets on days– its how we mark time. But, it also is our constant reminder of beginnings and endings. Why must it be a sacrifice for us to embrace change? Why must we accept that someone has to suffer in order for others to succeed? This is not new energy, it is not new thought, it is NOT consciousness, nor ascension. It is the beliefs of a dying age. It is the belief of division, that claims to seek unity. It does not, it never has, it never will. Unity requires new thoughts, new actions, new beliefs and seeking the unknown. Unity requires change. The only thing that is leaving, that must leave, that will be sacrifice is the world we were. You have to decide which world you want to be a part of–the one that is dying, or the one that is on its way to being born.

Seeing these things working in our everyday lives– this is what the pauses are for. What’s the best answer for your highest good? What will you choose? Who will you choose to be? Will you evolve, will you seek your own enlightenment even if that means, you cannot take other’s with you? Understand, this is why all great masters sought solitude. These questions require time, energy, clarity, compassion and wisdom. So much of this world is conjured in our heads, painted with fear more so than hope. Built with lack rather than abundance. Can you discern between the two? What is real, and what is illusion? The answer is simple: Which have you chosen?

So… back into the quiet I go… I think of it as tribal council with my many selves and my spirit crew. When there’s more to say, I promise to report back. Until then… seek to be a master, rather than the perpetual student. Seek, the master within– I promise you, they are home–perhaps just waiting for you to knock on the door. 😉


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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  • Wow Ms. Monica that was powerful message!! U expire me so much with your post and u help me hang on. I think if we had more real people like u that speak the truth and live the truth this world we be ok. People now days by the illusion of this world and hurt one another just to succeed. I am glad and i enjoy looking at your post. It feel good to know somebody is thinking like me and i am not alone. Bless u Ms. Monica and keep the posts coming!! Your follower Norris!! 🙂

  • DeBorah Ann Palmer
    March 2, 2015 11:16 pm

    This essay resonates with me. I re-energize, heal, and refresh within the silence. I Love solitude, peace & quiet. Spending time with my family helps realigned my spirit. My favorite place to pray, meditate and read is anywhere near a nice, warm sunny beach or in Central Park during the summer and fall. I Love the Ocean and I’m Sunshine, Sand, Surf and Seaside person. That’s my ideal vacation. Your words touched my heart.

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