We all want things in life, yes? Of course, it’s only natural. But, what we have a hard time understanding is the importance of letting things happen in it’s own time. Everything takes its time to become what it will be. I don’t think we are any different. I am no different. Patience, is something I’ve recently acquired, it came with a lot of practice and desire. And, I’m getting pretty good at it. I used to pride myself on saying that I make things happen–actually, I still say I do, but, it’s different now because I understand that though I can make things happen, there is a logic, a pace that the universe runs at, and I am unequipped to supersed that. Whew!!!! I don’t think other people would enjoy my pace–too much of a type A, not that I don’t love it. I do.

What am I really talking about? I’m talking about understanding that although we may want certain things, or situations in life to happen now, we need to be honest in whether or not we’re ready for it. For example… I’m not ready for a serious relationship. Truly, I’m not. Why? I don’t have time. In the next year, I plan to open a store with my business partner. All the while, I’m working full-time and maintaining my relationships with friends and family. In short, I simply don’t have the time. All of that being said, I do want a serious relationship, when I can be present for it. This saddens my mom, as she was hoping to live to see me have at least one child–yeah…well…me too. LOL But, I’m my own stream and my flow is my own. I don’t always know what’s up ahead, but, I do know where I’m going: forward.

There’s belief that you cannot have it all–I don’t subscribe to that belief. I know that I can, I just need to honor the timing of it all. I think that the belief should say, you cannot have it all, right now, but, if you give yourself time and practice patience, you can. We’re are our own projects, so to speak, always a work in progress and never quite finished.

So, what do I mean by actively waiting? I mean, that while we’re praticing patience, we can be actively working on ourselves. Whatever it is, if it’s meant to be, it will be–it’s inevitable, really. So, why not use the time to work on your kinks, quirks and all the other things, that you need to do in order to be ready for your life when it comes to you? We say, we want love, it comes–we’re not ready. It goes. We want a successful career, opportunity comes–we’re not ready…it goes. You get the picture. We want it now, but, we aren’t ready  now. So, we should use the time between dreaming and being to be actively pursuing, and yes, there is patience in that. So, oh yeah, I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted, because I’m primping, honinning, rehearsing and working to be ready for the big show–all of them.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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