OMG… today is so gorgeous!!!! Today comes on the heels of my mommy’s surprise 70th birthday party, that I attended in spirit. And, today comes in the now of a gorgeous, glorious sunshiney atumn day in NYC.

Right now, right this second, I’m sooo in love…in love with my life, myself and all those souls whom I roll with (both in physical and in light).

It’s come to the forefront of my mind and heart that I’ve always wanted to make a postive impact in the world. And, it’s taken sooo much to realize that’s it. That’s the reason I came here, to do good, to empower, and to educate others by embracing the teacher within.

I’m not different, I think, than anyone else, I’m just a bit clearer with my intent, and perhaps more thoughtful in what I choose for myself. But, most of all, I’ve remained open to the unknown. My tendency has been, in the past to control results, and not allow myself to be surprised, amused and shaped by life. And, now, all I want to do is let people figure it out for themselves, with whatever tools I can provide them with… And, just watch the stories unfold. Because seriously…life in its infinite stories, shows and stanzas…it’s breath-takingly beautiful, and we it’s players are no less amazing or beautiful. It’s only by remaining open to life, that I’ve truly come to appreciate it, and all the colors it comes in.

Being open is a practice. It’s something we have to relearn after getting hurt playing our roles, and collaborating with other players. But, it’s so much better than watching from the sidelines. When I say I’ve been hurt… I’ve been hurt. I’ve bled, I’ve cried. I’ve been contorted in a pain that has no name, leaves no visible scars, and tried to fool me in to thinking I would never recover from. But, I know the secret to pain… And, I’ll share it with you. The only way to resurrect yourself from pain is to go through it. After it’s gone…it’s gone. It doesn’t come back. Not to say, that you’ll never experience pain again, but, its never the same. There is no happiness without pain. That’s like playing football without tackles…it’s just isn’t possible.

I’ve let go of sooo much, of sooo many, to be who I am. But, what nature has taught me, is that you can always regrow yourself–stronger, and better than ever. Which is perhaps why I have this affinity for starfish. If perchance a starfish has to loose a limb, in order to save its life, it does so. It does it with grace, with understanding, and with a certain amount of pain–I imagine. But, the pay off is, it can grow back what was lost. And, I know the same is for me. Whatever and whomever I’ve had to lose to be who I am… was worth it, because the pay off is priceless. And, when fighting for a life–espeically your own, you’re willing to put it all on the line, to reap the rewards that await you for such a sacrifice.

Stay open people… Don’t let pain–either real, or imaginary keep you from realizing your highest potential. It’s good, it’s amazing, and it can only get better… I’m talking about life, your life… Be willing to stay open, because when you allow yourselves to shut down, shut out, and avoid pain… you’re also doing the same to the goodness, the love, the blessings, the magic. STAY OPEN. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


Thanks Rob Brezney!

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