I’ve been sooo fortunate that I’ve had three amazing cats in my life. Stash, whom I had to leave with the exhusband, he still lives as far as I know. One was named Jade Murray Hall-Levine. I got him in 1993, and he and I fought and loved eachother well. I quickly realized, that if my cat didn’t like my boyfriend, then my boyfriend needed to go out with the garbage. Jade and I married my now exhusband in 1994…and he left us in a year later with lymphoma four months after we got the most gorgeous, talkative, annoying, trouble-making, sweet, siamese cat you’ve ever met in your life. I named him Azure, Azure, had a brother and sister (Stash and Sgt. Pepper) that he unfortunately had to separate from when my exhusand and I split up. And, later on got a new brother and sister (Zealot and Oracle).  Why am I telling you this???

I am telling you this, because today Azure died, during a urinary blockage treatment. And, my life immediately shifted. Azure was my baby for 10yrs… he woke me up in the morning–every morning, we cuddled, we fought…we danced together and snuggled a lot, and posed in pictures. As my current profile picture will prove. Just so you know, I had taught both Stash and Azure how to give kisses…and they loved giving them.

The truth of the matter is, the kind of love I’ve shared with both Azure and Jade, I know I’m never going to have again with anyone. Which is why I’m so grateful for the years I had them both, and for the impact they both had on me. They both helped to make me more nurturing, patient, tolerant, and loving. I’m a better person because of my cats–I know that. The cool thing about love is, it doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it does, and as long as its spread. And, to be honest…I don’t know that anyone has loved me as well as my cats, they sorta just got me, without even trying. I’m going to miss Azure… I now have to create a life for myself that he’s not going to physically be here for. I haven’t done that in ten years… Let’s see what happens…

Love Peace Happiness N One,

SunDeevah (Azure Terror’s Mommy)

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