So, I just came off the crazy busy weekend, and, I’m hoping to manage the week so, that I don’t burnout before Wednesday. Regardless, I needed this weekend to help me realize I’m about to take myself to another level.
I’m not a good worker-bee… Truly, I’m not. I am that employee that’s always looking to find a way to make my ideas heard, and to do things my way. Which is why, eventually, I will not be working for anyone else. This past weekend, I spent a lot of time thinking about the next steps for both of my companies.
Saturday was a field trip to a relatively new lingerie store, where I bought my first Le Mystre Bra (highly reccommend). The store is doing  a lot things right, but, some of the things my partner and I observed gave me pause. We’re not in a good economy right now, so, you don’t want to leave anything to chance on a new business. But, all in all, it was decent, I’d shop there again. No, I’m not going to tell you the name, what are you, nuts?! They’re the competition! LOL… Gene (my business partner/best friend) and I also went to the mecca of makeup aka Sephora. I’m a makeup artist too, so, I need to know what new products and lines are out. Here’s the thing about a business in fashion, in order to be a good salesperson, you must understand need versus want. And, you need to understand which one to address first. The only way to really succeed in sales is to know the product, listen to the customer, and deliver. I’ve been in retail since I was 15, so, I’ll always understand the difference between want and need. I never sell “want” first. Know why? “Want” represents one thing that a commissioned salesperson is hurt by the most, and that is…”returns”. Yes, I bought makeup at Sephora, but, only what I needed. And, yes, every once in a while, I need makeup! Not all skin days are good ones! LOL
Sunday was The Show Biz Expo aka Trade Show. Most of Sunday was spent at The Hilton…talking! Lots and lots of talking! I went to a seminar on film finance. And, while I learned very little of things I didn’t already know, what I was most appreciative of was the panelists’ candor. It’s bad…it’s really bad…and Indepent Filmmakers are going to be forced to get really creative to get their stuff both made and seen. These were bankers, you know, the studio-money people. They looked a little banged-up and shaken by the horror the economy went through last week. Barely optimistic. But, the thing is, they kept speaking in studio terms, and then would catch themselves and rephrase for independent film. Why??? Um…the lines are blurred. And, it seems budgeting is no longer a good measuring stick for what constitutes a “small” film.  My little film wouldn’t even been looked at by these guys as it’s under 1 mil. Did the odds change for me? Don’t think so, and I don’t scare easily.
The Expo was really good for me in that it brought me back into contact with people I haven’t seen in years, and, I was able to meet new people. Yeah um…for all of you out there who think I talk to much–it has a purpose! I am a networking DIVA, or, if you haven’t read The Purple Cow, I’m a maven! I have never had a shy moment in my life, and that ability is what makes me really good at sales, public speaking and making friends. Gift of gab, really is that. And, if you’ve ever tried to be a leader without it, then you know, it’s better to be born with the skill than try an learn it!
After my exhausting day, I realized something… It’s not going to be a quiet Autumn/Winter after all. I got invited to a lot of events, advised to join a lot of groups, and go to quite a few film festivals and plays. Not to mention, I have a pitch idea for my potential investors. So, here I am, in that moment–the moment when you know things are about to shift into hyper-drive. And, I’m thinking…”Yeah, this feels good. Bring it!”

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