Some people want their love in triangles, I prefer circles… Meaning: what is given is what you recieve, but, multiplied.
And, when you crown your love in your heart, you treat them as royalty. You speak in kindess, honor, and most importantly, truth.
If you’d rather not be known, then avoiding love with make you so. Never more unknown, than unknown to yourself.
It is the light by which all things fly by, and the thing all things in darkness desire. When it’s missing, nothing else maters. When it’s overflowing, nothing else matters.
When unexpressed, it inhales all the oxygen from within us, leaving the soul gasping for air. When unnoticed, it presses us into the earth, until we are buried.
Love has no mercy, it hears no plea, it will not be denied. It’s been called a river, a light, the truth and all that is…
 How does one work with such a force such as love???
You embrace it. You nuture it. You multiply it with all your being. And, share it with every being that you can.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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