First, let me just say, that due to the expansion of my heart chakra, I have been having undergarment issues all week. And, no…that’s not a joke. If you don’t know about the chakras, well…ugh…check it out. You don’t have to share my beliefs, but, I know what my truth is. As much as I love lingerie, all week, I was hating my bras!!!! At 2pm, like clockwork, it felt like a contraint. In short…hated it!
 So…what did I do? Well… I went and got a massage…of course. I couldn’t have my energetic self all squished up and no place to go, seriously, it was making me rather grumpy so, I went and got a qi gong massage. It was soo good, that afterward I felt like a glowing feather. I was in such a good mood that I started talking to the huge goldfish that the owners had in this large aquarium. Now, I don’t know if you know this but, in asian tradition fish mean good luck. So…I went to the aquarium, looked at one fish, waved and said, “Hi!!!!” And, so, it swam closer to the glass to see me. So, I smiled and said it again, then…the entire tank came to say “hi” to me. And, we’re talking about a small school of about 20 huge goldfish, and 2 big black fish. Everyone is now officially jocking for a spot to say, “hi” to me. Except this one little goldfish who was in the back and looked a little sad. It couldn’t come over, but, it caught my eye. And, I thought, “Oh…you’re a baby, your fins aren’t big enough for you to come over.” So, I said, “Don’t worry little one, I see you, and you’re beautiful. And, after asking the owner, sure enough, the little one was the new baby they just got. It was really hard to leave…they were sooo cute. It was the first time in my life, I wanted pet fish. But, the cats won’t go for it.
Today, after another Hot Pies & Tarts, adventure at the library, my partner and I went to eat and get manicures. While eating, the people sitting next to us were talking about a christmas tree that they’d named Yoda. On, and on they went about this Yoda tree. And, I say to Gene, “Yoda*? Yoda* is thinking of me, how odd. Wonder why?!” See, I do have a Yoda*, his name is really Rob, but, I don’t call him that, and haven’t since 1993. He lives in New Mexico, with his wife and daughters. And, for the record, he calls me Young Jedi*, and no, I will not answer  you, if you call me that. So…don’t. –Anyway…it wasn’t until I got home, that I figured out why Yoda* was coming to me. You see…upon my return I found a package from Yoda* sitting at my front door. And, you know you’re linked in to someone when they give you wrapping paper that has angels on it that look exactly like the angel figurines you have on your mantle that they’ve never seen! You know you’re linked into someone when they gift you with an item you’ve never told anyone you needed, but, they knew to give it to you anyway. In this case The Eye of Horus, actually two–their earrings! LOL… If you’ve ever read The Celestine Prophecy, then, you know coincidences do not exist. If you know the secret, then, you know that intent and discipline is all you need to allow yourself to manifest everything–good or otherwise. And, if you’ve imagined life beyond the veil, then you know, there’s magic all around, it is constant, it is unrelenting, and ever-present. And, if you’ve understood you…then, you understood the oneness of all. And, if none of what I said makes sense to you…you may still be asleep… WAKE UP!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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