I present to thee…  The Cartwheel Galaxy:

Hubble Captures Stunning Views of the Universe

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Non, mon amis. This isn’t a very cool graphic program at work. On second thought, yes it is. But, the designer of this mind-blowing, awe-inspiring graphic has yet to be fully determined, or adequately identified. LOL…

This is a galaxy in our lovely universe, and this is a picture from the Hubble. That hunk of junk might me the most durable thing NASA every put out into space.

Why am I showing you this??? Because I feel I need to remind all of us, that the world continues to be a place of beauty, light, life and mystery! And, for all of you who get trapped in your little boxes, cells, or, whatever you call your mind these days–this is my love letter to you. Namaste.

I don’t know about you, but, I get excited with the idea of not knowing it all. I love “the unknown”. I wish more people did. I wish more people got excited of not being sure about what’s up ahead, but, walking toward it anyway. I mean seriously… look at that picture! And, that’s one of countless little (not!) galaxies in the vast void that is the universe! A-MAZ-ING!

For those of you who are stuck, you’ve gotta understand, that you’re the one whose got you under lock and key. The moment you embrace the fact that sometimes, you just don’t know–you’ve found the path to “knowing”. The simple fact is, a huge part of life’s adventure is learning. You cannot truly appreciate life, without a constant beginner’s mind (check my buddha!), or the curiosity of a child (What up, Yeshua?!). There’s a reason why Mohammed had to go the mountain. 1. Because mountains aren’t flexible. Meaning: somethings just are. And, its we that have adjust. 2. Mohammed would find out much about himself on this journey to the mountain–it’s a long way up a mountain, you know?

I believe that we, the human being, with our enormous mother-board aka brain, are completely ignorant to the fact, that we aren’t utilizing ourselves to full capacity. I mean, if the average person is only using 10% of their brain capacity, what the frick is going on with the other 90%? Don’t you want to know??? Seriously, you’ve got that squishy, gushy, gray blob floating around in your cranium. And, it’s bored to tears! It’s bored because you aren’t challenging it to do everything it can and was meant to do.

Horrors! LOL

No, but, truly… we are much like this picture in that there’s so much going on with it, and yet we don’t know what it means… YET. We’ve got all this supreme technology right between the ears, and it goes untapped simply because people fear the unknown. I don’t know about  you, but, if the rest of my brain looks 1/1000 as beautiful as this picture of one galaxy in the universe… I’m so freaking down! Now…Light that up and smoke it!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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