I’m going to just assume no one is living under a rock, and be redundant (though, not quietly–Holla Pleonasm!) for a moment. Are you seeing what I’m seeing happening in the land of the free? I’m talking about the current opera playing called…The Crashing Houses of Glass (yes, I just made it up, but, it has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think?).
I find it quite amusing watching the ick continue to surface and make its way to the light, and the discerning minds of people trying to understand what’s going on. Let’s see… We have water that’s drugged, and lord knows how long people have known before that was revealed to the public. We have yet another politician’s career over because he thinks he doesn’t have to walk his talk. And, we’ve got one loud-mouthed former vice presidential candidate reflecting the increasingly ugly picture of a current presidental candidate. Oh, let us not forget the resignation of an Admiral who thinks going to war with Iran isn’t a good idea. My goodness… That is quite a lot, no?
I said I was amused, didn’t I? Well, I am. You see, here’s something I’ve accepted that others are still grappling with. You CANNOT preach one thing and LIVE another. Now, as you know, I do not believe in organized religion, but, as The Holy Bible is the only holy book I’ve read (and, still read on occasion) amd a slight knowlegde of; I think this is what was meant by  “Man cannot serve two masters.” I believe this means that you cannot speak your conscience and live your untamed ego! They are in DIRECT conflict with one another. And, at the end of the day, the truth will find light. –EVERYTIME, no matter how long it takes. Now, personally, I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms. If our country wasn’t so afraid of sex, these kinds of things wouldn’t even be an issue. Even though, he might’ve consulted his wife first–asshole. Anyway, I honestly wished that Elliot Spitzer would’ve kept me out of his sex life, he, Jim Baker, Jim McGreevy and especially Bill Clinton–my name is Monica for God’s sake!
But nope…we’ve gotta be constantly in eachother’s business, whether its your sex life, academic life, personal relationships, your religious beliefs,your political affiliation, your social class, your financial status…and on, and on and on! All up in the kool-aid as if you invented the flavor! You cannot control anyone else! When is that truth going to become common place? I understand our current administration is smoking some serious paranoia leaves, wrapped in fear-paper, but…does everyone have to take a toke?! Its your conscience that needs to be heard, no one else’s. And, its your conscience that will have the deciding factor in you life–not ANYONE else’s. Which is good, because, have you seen how quickly people change their minds about a given thing??? It’s enough to make you go…wait…that’s why therapy and theology are so popular, huh?! Too bad no one teaches us how to rely on ourselves. I mean, that would actually be helpful, wouldn’t it?
–Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… Who’s life? What defines liberty? And, why does happiness have a pricie tag???
Love Peace Happiness (the real version) N One,

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