Happy New Year souls! I know I’ve been really quiet, but, in truth, I’ve been in deep observation of this huge surge of new energy we’ve been experiencing. So much in so little time that breathing requires extra concentration, and practice.  I haven’t been able to recieve the understanding part of this new energy, yet. But, oh do I feel it!

So, what am I feeling from the new energy? Well, things are definitely being amplified, aren’t they? Sleeping has become difficult lately…and, staying awake later in the day? Fuggetaboutit!! I wake up at least once a night, for no reason… then, try an go back to sleep. My energy starts great in the morning, gets very low…and, then…I’m dealing with so much energy I feel anxious…  What do I do??? Breathe, damn it!!! Breathe!!! lol!!!

New energy is bring a lot of interesting synchronicities together. Things that need to be confronted and dealt with are coming to the surface. The smoke and mirrors of deceit, are clearing up quite nicely. And, I find the reaction of these decievers to be quite amusing. Oh look, you thought the lie, scheme, deceit and manipulation would would work…and, now…ut oh… light found you. Well, see, that’s just the thing… light will always find you, and now it feels as if truth is being revealed a lot quicker and brighter as well. I’ve seen it happen in my own life. And, I’m amused by it. I am. And, that’s progress, as before I would’ve been annoyed, not to say that I won’t be again. But…when you’ve been screaming for years, “The emperor is butt naked!”, it doesn’t do much for you, when every one else finally gets to the point where they must admit the same. I mean…really? Okay, so maybe I do feel a wee bit better. But, just a wee.

I’m also finding that my interest level in things that are supposed to be “normal” are hovering over zero. Why aren’t people recognizing the repetion? And, why aren’t they as bored with as I am? Change is here, people… Going through the motions of yesterday, yester-year, yester-life… will not stop the change. I mean, it seems to me less energy would be wasted if we just stopped where we are, looked at the map and realize… “Oh shit, this thing runs in circles! No wonder we keep ending up here!” We wrote the map, so why do we need one? We create our lives with choices, so, why do we always need to know everything??? Creation implies that something new is being born, so, guess what??? You cannot know for sure. Wait…did a psychic just say that? Well, of course I did! I look into the void at the potentials… I look at where the energy is flowing the swiftest, and I tell you what I see… It’s your decision that takes that energy and makes it reality… Do you get that?! I read, I discern, I give messages… You are the magican that conjures the experience. I’ve said this before in so many words… Are you listening this time??

My people, the lightworkers are feeling the change quite heavily… We’re shinning a lot brighter, which means we are going to get more attention… light and dark alike… At this point, it should be expected, and hopefully, you’re secure enough in your I AM to know how to deal with this kind of attention. If not, here’s a hint… “Stay out of the way, unless, the way is threatening your free will…” Anyone that means you harm, will remove themselves swifter than ever, if you simply step to the side and allow them to run full on, until something stops them… And, when its done, you’ll realize, how much time, energy, and sanity you saved by staying out of the way. Martial art masters, philosophers, and sages alike have said this many times over thousands of years. Exercise that femine side souls… Whatever the form agresssion may take, utilize a passive a defense… just move.  A true master understands the power and importance of  knowing how to use all weapons–the greatest weapon we have is… ourselves. We’ve spent so long being agressive as a species that it is nice to see the arrival of the Goddess, the feminine energy to remind us of  how powerful that X chromosome is. We’re looking for balance people, not dominance; within and without. All of us… One. Recently…I re-watched The Star Wars Trilogy… the force used in Jedi Mind Tricks…that’s not masculine… its feminine…but, when the force is expressed in a light saber… well, kids…that’s a different story, isn’t it?! LOL…

Whatever you do–do not try and make something happen by charging after it. Instead…allow it to come to you, like the magician you are. It really is that easy, as I’ve noticed it in my own life. But, don’t put the wizard’s cap on me just yet… just because I know what the tools are, doesn’t mean I have any idea as to how to use them. Thus… my “silence”… which just means watching, and, allowing the pixels of the answers to start forming a picture in my mind. I do know this to be true… for those of us who woke up before…this is the reward… easy. I used to think hard work was good, that pain was necessary…and, I’m over it! Easy work is where it’s at! And, pain can kiss my ass, as I much prefer “uncomfortable”. And, I say that because “uncomfortable” is what happens right before you complete your change, or transformation. It’s uncomfortable to let you know, you’re on the move. Change only becomes painful, when you resist it. And, make no mistake, change wins…everytime.

So, wise ones… sit with me…take some deep breaths… Have some tea, or a glass of wine… And, watch…watch the new energy in all it’s light, color and sound come in…. Life is a beautiful journey, enjoy it!




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