For all of you who haven’t been listening as I’ve lamented about the emotional unavailability of men in our society– call me crazy now… read this
Just in case you’re too lazy, it’s about a court case in Georgia about how an 11 yr old girl was KIDNAPPED  and RAPED by 8 and 9 year old boys!!!!! What? We aren’t in trouble as a society???? Irritable Male Syndrome isn’t real?!!!! Laugh now, as your sons are being taught to become animals before they even reach puberty! Look at your daughters and tell them that this is what they have to look forward to in a mate! Fellas…YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT. I’ve been RIGHT. And,  the dude Jed Diamond, the guy who studied 10,000 men from age 10-55 regarding IMS aka Irritable Male Syndrome, who, by the way suffers from it too!!!!
I’m sorry society told you not to feel, show emotion, be vulnerable, talk about what’s bothering you! I’m sorry that they told you that being a man was being strong all the time, pretending you don’t need intimacy, emotional connection and the touch of your mate. Guys…they LIED TO YOU!!!!! I’m sorry, but, with all that being said, you’ve got to really MAN UP and become whole, because the babies are in trouble and yes WE are all responsible for it! The authorities don’t even know what to do with these boys because they are ill-equipped to deal with this situation. So far, they thinking juvie for 5yrs!!!! That’s it! There’s no mention of pscychological counseling, or where or how these boys developed this kind of behavior. And, hell no, it was gangsta-rap, movies, tv, advertisement— it was whatever the hell is going on in their HOMES with their PARENTS!!!! So, for the love of humanity—DO SOMETHING.
Women…DO SOMETHING!!!!   No, that doesn’t mean nag, yell, or whatever, but, do not allow your mate to treat you in anyway that is disrspectful, that’s perpetuating a social problem. If you guys cannot or will not step up to the plate, then you don’t deserve to have a queen in whatever form she comes. And, if YOU WOMEN use manipulation, i.e sex, scare tactics, or enable our men to walk around unhappy because you are warped about what a healthy male or female looks like… then you deserve whatever the consequences are. Grow up everybody and start taking responsiblity for yourselves, its effecting and infecting the whole!!!! This is it… this is INSANITY… we have children sexually asaulting eachother before they even hit puberty… WAKE UP EVERYBODY! And, for the love of us all…STAY AWAKE!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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