Yo… it started out so well… And, ended with a BLOCK! I love Valentine’s Day… I do, it’s my nephew’s birthday. I’m very into the love thing, you know? I’m a libra, that’s kinda what we do. What I’m not into is reappearances of the deceased! Meaning…”Return of the Ex(es)”! 
Yo dude…if we aren’t together anymore…and you know why we aren’t– and, I know you do, because I’m an excellent communicator— DO NOT contact me just because there’s an abundance of roses and helium balloons on a given day!  Only one ex, got a return on his Valentine’s Day wishes, and he’s a very special case. The rest of y’all… Come on now… you either got fired or gave me a pink slip! There was either some lines crossed in terms of respect, or you don’t get that you don’t OWN me!
Why the heck do some guys think that they can half-ass their relationships and get away with it?! I dunno, but, I do know that they can keep it MOVING! And, one of you fools actually has a CHICK! So, what kind of insanity is that? You have a chick and contact me on the day o’ lovers? Don’t worry… I got chu yo, that won’t happen again.
I always get asked why I’m not with someone. Short answer: I’m not DESPERATE! And, despite what Jerry McGuire thinks, I am not completed by a dude! I’m complete because I AM! Guys…because you’re visual, I’m going to say this in a way that you can understand. You know when you’re sitting at a bar having a beer, and its cold and really good??? And, you see that there’s the basket of beernuts there??? And, you decide, “Yeah…that would taste good with my beer,” so you have some? Well…that’s how I feel about men! They can enhance the taste of my beer! But, don’t be mistaken…I didn’t come to a bar for freakin beernuts!
When I explained to a male co-worker what I endured last night  due to some dumbass, disrspectful moron… He called the guy “stupid!” Hmmm…see, it’s not just me! You guys actually think that you’re stupid on occassion too! Probably many…but, I digress. It’s not just dudes, though…. ANYONE who thinks that they can get over on someone just because you are just that hot, smart, pretty, charming, etc…  is severely off! There is no such thing! There is a such thing as low-self esteem, and maybe you can break someone with that affliction, but, I DON’T HAVE THAT ISSUE! I have more love in my life from myself and my friends that if I never got remarried, I know that this life is/was an amazing one!
And, because I’m more passionate about myself self-respect, my integrity, my value, my worthiness to be treated the way I treat people… I gotta be called CRAZY! I’m sooo sick of piss-poor excuses for intelligent human beings, telling me I’m crazy cause I don’t want to be their welcome mat! Oh, I’m crazy, cause I don’t think you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?! I’m crazy because I don’t wait in anticipation for you to inhale a breath? I’m crazy because when I smell a lie, I’ll not only tell you, I’ll make you pay for it?! I’m crazy because I DEMAND to be treated fairly?! I’m crazy because if you keep fucking with me, I’m not affraid to get medieval on your ass?! Oh…well…if that’s what crazy is…I’m a freaking LIFE-ER! And, if you think I’m crazy… DON’T FREAKING BOTHER ME! MOVE IT THROUGH! Do not pass GO, do not collect anything but MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS, and GET OUT OF MY LIFE!
And, that boys and girls is why SCARY GIRLS ROCK! And, STRONG WOMEN RULE! Don’t start none… Won’t be none! Now… GO! And, don’t cha dare look back!
Love Peace Happiness N One.

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