Okay… the idea of this blog was to say that I was supposed to do a lot this weekend. And, I did, but, it wasn’t the stuff I intended to do. I did the stuff I needed to do–NOTHING. And, it was awesome.
Once upon a time, I would push myself beyond my physical limits, just because I had a real hard time slowing down and resting. And, now that’s no longer the case. On Saturdays my biz partner and I meet to do work on the lingerie store, but…some serious wires got crossed. I ended up at the library in the city, she ended up in the lilypad. LMAO — Talking about outta synch. Actually, we were in synch–as neither one of us wanted to work, but, showed up for it anyway. Good thing we’re best friends so we had no problem admitting, it just wasn’t gonna happen this weekend. Now, today, we endeavored to buy new winter coats. Again, we went into the situation all hopeful, only to find Burlington Coat Factory must be more than great coats because everything we found sucked! So…we’re like, “–Fuck it! Let’s get hot chocolate!” So we went to Haven and had some European Hot Chocolate! Blessings to real hot chocolate, that powdered stuff should be banned! And, then… I did some personal mantienance–manicure/pedicure/eyebrow wax! LOL Now, I realize, that might be borderline TMI (too much information), but, I think I’m still on the clean side of the fence. Heehee…
With my time of nothing-ness, I had a chance to ponder bowling with my friend and her sister on Friday night. In short, we all sucked! But, it was fun! And, because the internet was ridiculously crowded last night and this morning. I sat in the silence of the lilypad jotting down thoughts in my journal and on the screen of my laptop. That’s what I do with my nothing–I think, I reflect, I plan, I breathe.
It’s amazing to me that people don’t like spending time alone with themselves. I’ve gotten a lot of planning done. I’ve had a chance to reflect on a lot of things, both business and personal. Life has so many things and people for us to react to. We have to decide if we’re going to do battle,  go with the flow, or carve our own path. I’ve all but retired my sword and armor (all but–but, it will never really happen), and I’ve never followed any flow other than my own. I like blazing my own trail, flipping the script, coming from the back and being a sheppard rather a sheep.
There’s soo much going on. And, I realize most of it, hasn’t the slightest thing to do with me. I’ve become more of an observer than a participant these days. People are interesting, animals: interesting, flowers, trees, the breeze, the moon, the sun…all of it. It’s very interesting, but, like a monet painting, I can appreciate it without touching it, or needing to get involved. Yes, I like the detailed brushstrokes, the thought behind the creation, but…again… I can stand behind the velvet rope and feel satisfied.
I hope everyone understands the importance of nothing. Sometimes doing is the wrong approach to getting things done. A good plan executed starts with actively doing nothing, just allowing the thoughts and ideas to swirl around your head until something solidifies. We rush too much in this lifetime, we rush through all the good stuff, eating, talking, smelling, walking, loving… all of it. It’d be nice if someone could find that fire everyone is rushing off to, put it out, so we could go back to enjoying life again. Have some hot chocolate (the good kind), and try doing some nothing. Your body will thank you. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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