Courage is making the choice to walk forward in life and not knowing what’s ahead.
Courage is understanding growth comes with pain, and that pain cannot and should not be avoided.
Courage is knowing that anything worth having must be worked for.
Courage is being yourself, when every commercial, magazine and tv show and movie tells you–you aren’t good enough.
Courage is carving your own path when everyone else is on the interstate.
Courage is embracing fear and doing what makes you happy, because happiness is what we’re all looking for.
Courage is apologizing when you’ve wronged someone and taking the consequences.
Courage is walking away from what you know to move closer to what you need to know.
All these things, I found in nature on a hike…alone. Nature does it so effortlessly, knowingly and beautifully. Babies do it, learning how to walk, talk, and be here in general, but, then those babies become us. What happened to the courage? When did it go from being in the front row to lost in the background? I wonder…
Love Peace Happiness N  One,

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