Wow…what a wet weekend. I like rain, I really do, but, in moderation. Sunday was kinda hellish, I dealt with water in places where it shouldn’ have been… Such as breaking and entering through my front door. It seems the porch upstairs has some fractures. Good thing the floors are tile in my pad, which maybe I should rename the lilypad, cause during the nor’easter, Gaia (aka Mother Nature) insisted I needed to live in nature. And, if not, she was coming to get me.
Let me reinterate, I love nature, but, the nor’easter also lowered air pressure which set my sinusitis off. So, I’m all post-nasal drippy. So, what’s the lesson? Oh yeah, there’s always one of those. The lesson is, “Keep your ass inside, rest, work on something creative. And, by the way…REST!” I just popped two sudafed and chased it with some Green Tea. I’ve lowered my coffee intake quite a bit. I get more buzz from Early Grey these days…lol. And, I’ve been unusally quiet. What my quiet usually means is I’m trying to figure something out. And, I am. And, as soon as I’m clear as to what that is, I’ll happily give a report on it. But, my guess is, my next move. Like the  rest of the flowers, I think I’m waiting for the real spring to stand up, and I’ll reemerge a new bud, all ready to bloom. Exciting, huh?
Right now, I’m fielding interviews, interviews and more interviews. The next gig hasn’t revealed itself. The good news is, I get to pretend I’m a suit and make use of all the suits I have. It’s a wierd kind of treat, as for the most part, I don’t even like suits. But, I sure as hell look good in them!
Big shout out to my boy David who had a party Saturday night here in BROOKLYN!!!  It was fun, I met a couple of interesting people, but, most importantly his sexy smokey gray cat “Claus”. Apparently being Jewish (now Buddhist), David was deprived of Santa, so, he um…made up for that! I had fun, it was a pyschic experience to read and be read by someone. Big up to Ike Love… really cool dude. And, the Lobstress Mimi… great hair color! Oh, metal rock God Adrian… I still say Axl Rose needs to be smacked up!
Yeah, so, I went out the night before the nor’easter… What’s the problem? Can I not take a break from being a workaholic and socialize with the other humans?! Sheez! LOL… Other than this headcold desperately trying to escape my sinus cavity… life is good. And, the lilypad is still pretty peaceful… does make the pool in the backyard seem a bit redundant at this point though! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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