Wow…I needed this weekend. I did. There’s the energizer bunny…and then, there’s me. I still think he could go faster and do more. 😉
 But, I digress….
I’m a planner. I don’t usually act without a plan. And, even though sometimes I’m unpredictable, I don’t think I’m necessarily spontaneous. I usally keep people around to bring out that side of myself. This weekend…I made no plans…NONE. I do not feel inspired to DO anything, but, breathe, soak up some sun and hang out with my cats. Which, I don’t do nearly enough of. Because my usual state of being is DO-ing. I’m constantly working on a project, or just working in general.
I used to hate being still, except for meditation. I used to feel out of place when not working on something, but, honestly… I LOVE IT now. It’s a gorgeous day, why should I muck it up by feeling the need to go somewhere and do things, so, I can feel like I enjoyed myself?  Right now, I’m enjoying the sun, the slight breeze, my blue jeans and tank top. I’m having an AMAZING weekend!
Friday, I had one appointment, and then afterward, I grabbed an ice cappucino, and went to the park to chill. The cool thing about parks in NYC, is that they aren’t always about being in nature, sometimes, it’s about being entertained. On that particular day, I stumbled onto a guy with a piano playing with a dude on drums. Jazz in the park. Jazz is spontaneous, swinging, and impovisational at its best. So, I sat there and took it all in. Aftewards, on with the headphones and I was wisked away to Morocco via my “friend” Phil Thornton. Enchanted Egypt is transportative. Yes, I know I said I went to Morocco, but, that’s where the music took me. And, if you don’t know who Phil is… well, you should. So follow the link! 😉
This weekend allowed me to hang with some of my inner cirlce too. Man…my people are AMAZING! I just love them and am inspired by them so much. It says on my profile that I “admire” people, I do not “idolize” them. And, this is what I mean. I am not impressed by what people do, so much as I am by who the are! Seriously, how many people do you know can show themselves to you, without trying to make it pretty first? When you ask a person about themselves, why do they always start with the things they’ve accomplished? In my way of seeing, what a person does, tells you nothing of who they are. If anything, it shows you who they want you to think they are, which isn’t the same thing.
So, this weekend, I got to rediscover how awesome two of my friends are. My friend JW is astonishingly amazing. As is my friend Gene…as is…well, all the people I call friend. It’s not that these people have done anything that some might call SUCCESSFUL. But, I think anyone who is in search for their true selves, and shines brightly for all the world to see without feeling the need to “cover up” is AMAZING. You truly cannot have a bad day when you’re around The Shinning Ones. If they do nothing else, they remind you–you too, have your own light that you can choose to shine. That–that is success in my book. That is something to be impressed by. If you can show me who you are, without making it “look nice” first, that means you are comfortable with yourself. Nudity…the real kind! LOL
I didn’t plan to fall in love with my friends all over again, but…it happened. Just like I fell in love with Oracle and Zealot again. My cats…ah…lovely. Oracle is just what she is called. She knows everything, or, is always about the business of being in the know. And, she’s fearless. She will get in your face, no matter who you are, and tell you–“I’m the Queen, you will kneel before me!” Hmm…don’t know where she got that from! LOL And, then, there’s my beautiful Zealot. He is well…clinically depressed. to be specific, he has an anxiety disorder. Yes, people, your pets can have mental disorders. But, Zealot is very sweet. He’s petrified, of anyone new. You can come to my house and never see him. And, swear he doesn’t exist at all. But, if you stay long enough, he comes out just to look at you, but, don’t look back as it puts him on edge! LOL… Now, if you make the mistake of staying here the better part of the day, or, spend the night??? Oh forget it, because Zealot, will insists that if you stay YOU WILL PET HIM! He has been known to wake people up from their slumber by pushing his head up against their hand, until they find themselves petting him. My friend Susan calls him, “The Bulldozer”! Hahaha! So…they are odd people, my cats. But, I love them sooo much!
These little oddities of life, the nuances, the space between the “big events”. These are the things that make it worth it to me. What makes space so great, the stars and planets, or the unknown dark matter between them? For me, one cannot exist without the other…so…I choose to love it all. And, its when I have no plans, no events, and no obligations, that I truly get to appreciate all of it–it, being my life and the world I live in. I look forward to having more “no-plans”…it’s really rockin here. It took me way too long to get comfortable with it. But, now that I am…I’m thinking of buying a vacation home here! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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