Oh…the places you’ll go… Man, I love Dr. Suess. Seriously, I do. Green Eggs and Ham changed my life at 5. It is still my favorite children’s book of all times. He was a genius! He really was. My personality really is like Sam-I-Am. I believe in positive persausion. And, I believe that we should try new things, and explore all life has to offer. Thus, Sam-I-Am was my very first tattoo. Yes, I’m serious, and I still look at it after having it for over 10 years and think, “Yep…I’m more myself with you here.” LOL
I’m sometimes unpredictable, even to myself. And, I like that about me. I do. I love discovering new things about myself, and pushing myself to do and be more. It makes life….more. Most mornings, I wake up really happy. I’m giggly, smiling, sunny all around. Unfortunately, whenever there’s been a partner, he’s usually just the opposite. But, honestly, I wake up…happy. To me each day is another chance to contribute more to the collective and to grow myself more. As my love, Heather puts it, you’re “always on an adventure.” And, all you did was wake up. I know, I know most people don’t think of life this way, but…maybe they should reconsider. LOL
I’ve now come to the conclusion that there really isn’t anything I won’t do or try, if I want to. And, for me failure isn’t an option, and “no” isn’t a word I comprehend very well. And, that has come in handy as of late. If there’s an answer to a problem, I will find it. If there is no way, I will create one. Or, as my people say, making a way out of no way. It’s a good skill to have because  a lot of people will try an convince you that they or you “can’t” do something. And, though people keep telling me that I can’t, I do it anyway. And, I will again! LOL
I’m having such an amazing time with life right now. I’m exhausted with the working, the fundraiser, and the store, but…I’m doing it. And, nothing has been sacrificed. Oracle, my cat gets annoyed that I don’t want to snuggle with her 24/7, but…she’s a bit spoiled. Actually, both of my cats are. LOL… Somehow I’ve made them think I work for them! A lot of people wonder about me–okay they do that a lot. But, they wonder how it is that I have enough time, energy and motivation to run on all cylinders all the time. And, the truth is…I don’t. I’ve been known to disappear every once in a while. What am I doing??? Usually…sleeping! LOL  But, the truth also is, I’m a kickass multi-tasker. And, I think that’s because I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head. To me, if I can think it, I can do it. And, thus…my life right now. Why can’t I produce that film, open that lingerie store, and still work as an executive assistant? Who’s gonna stop me? Huh? Actually, there’s only one person that could…me!
As I’ve stated before, I don’t want to be defined. And, that’s why I have a name, actually several, but…you get my point. I enjoy being the person that makes people wonder, or role their eyes, or, throw their hands up in the air, because they just don’t know what to do with me! LMAO! I asked my best friend Clarissa last week why people in my life keep trying to control me. And, it’s true they do, and that’s why they get fired, cut-off, etc. Because I don’t play that. I need space! I need a lot of freaking space to be myself, and the moment someone tries to put labels on me, or stuff me into a box, is when I’m going to come out swinging. I have to say that is the only thing that really does make me rage. –Someone thinking that they can control me. So, what did Clarissa say to me as my best friend for the past 17 years? She said, “People like to control what’s uncontrollable.” Wise isn’t she? Yeah, that’s why I keep her!
Boxes are constraining, and people put things in them to contain them. And, I am not to be contained. Labels are put on things to define them, and once something is labeled, it’s not allowed to be anything else. Um…no thank you, not for me either. I do not think it’s wise for anyone to think they’ve got me pegged. Sure, there are somethings you can count on from me. But, most things…you have no idea, you couldn’t, as I’m still on the never-ending path of self-discovery! Boxes and labels are synonomous with prisons in my mind. Truly, that’s my gut reaction.
For example: I’ve known since five I would be an actor. And, I still am, but, if I hadn’t expanded myself, I never would’ve known that I’m also a director, singer, writer, casting director, makeup artist, and producer. If I never took my first job as an Executive Assistant, I never would’ve know that I have a great head for business, and that I’m pretty organized, and have an intuitive ability for problem-solving. These are just a wink of the things I’ve discovered just by pushing myself out of what was comfortable and easy. And, you know what??? I’m never looking back. So…if perchance I tell you some day I’m studying kung fu, became a certified life coach, yoga instructer, or, I’m getting a master’s in film. The appropriate answer would probably be you nodding your head, and saying something like…”Of course you are, you’re Monica”. I mean, that’s what Gene always says. LOL And, I don’t think anything I do ever surprises her! Or, Clarissa for that matter. I think they find me predictable in the sense that they know I’m unpredictable. The convo goes something like:
Me: “So, I was nude in the desert and…”,
Clarissa: “Yes, of course you were.”
Me:  “I was dancing on the bar and…”
Gene: “Yeah, that was fun!”
Me:  “I met the love of my life on the subway…”
Clarissa: “Of course you did!”
Gene: “Typical Monica…”
LMAO… Yeah…this really is my life! So, hopefully, all of you who read my little stories are having as much fun as I am. And, are smacking up anyone whose chasing you with a box or labels. Those are the people who really need to get a life. “And, festivus for the rest of us!” LOL… I miss Seinfield! 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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