It never ceases to amaze me how people try an manipulate others into compromising who they are, while the manipulators maintain thier less-than-loving ways of being.
I’m a libra and for the most part, we advocate compromise, but, the line has to be drawn somewhere. And, for me, the line that will not be crossed is the one where someone else asks me to be anything other that who I truly am. And, that is a person of honor, integrity, love and every once in a while…wisdom. Currently working on grace–as are some of you, I’m sure.
Here’s the deal manipulation has many disguises, it masquerades as love, acceptance, money, beauty, and a lot of other stuff. But, the truth of the matter is, we know when someone is trying to get over on us. You know that sick pit in the stomach feeling you get when you see or hear of something not quite right??? That is your solar plexus telling you, “Hell no! Back up and move in the opposite direction of this!” I’m telling you–if you paid more attention to that feeling, your life would be a lot simpler and with a lot less drama.
You know, “The road less traveled” was a huge hit as a book. But, how many people are hiking it? The ones who are, understand that they will not be in the business of fitting-in, putting someone else’s happiness before their own, or lying to themselves and the world that something isn’t quite right. The path simply doesn’t allow for it. But, when those who patron the less traveld path do meet–the chemistry is instant, the recognition unmistakable, and the laughter plentiful. There’s something very cool about dancing to the beat of your own drummer and not giving a damn if anyone else can hear the music, and being willing to dance alone. That’s how the rebels and the leaders are created. That’s the essence of cool.
Funny, when I was a kid and rejected being like everyone else, or needing to fit in, I was ridiculed. I was called rebellious and people said I had an attitude problem, some still do. And, you know what? I laugh at their neediness, and am sadden by their ignorance. Leaders don’t fit in, revolutionaires are always ridiculed, called crazy and dangerous (God, I love being an artist!)! Think about it, no one has every changed the world by aspiring to be a gap commerical, or the hottest cookie off the cutter! So, anyone waiting for me to break under the pressure of being myself… you’re turing blue…you might wanna exhale! LOL… When I think about how much money people spend on self-help books, it’s mind boggling! Wouldn’t be easier not to program people into becoming manipulators to begin with? Instead we could teach one another the importance of individuality, and how having that doesn’t have to mean fitting in. When you think aobut it–it’s funny. Why should we try an fit in…when we do already just by existing? It’s redundant! Any hooch, to all my peeps, the weirdos, the freaks–who are and don’t even have to try or purposely have to call attention to yourselves… Resist the borg, resist the cookie cutter…resist the gap commerical. You are perfect, because you are!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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