So…while all of those thrill-seekers, those patriotic people are out there eating their hotdogs, chips, and waving the red, white and blue… I am in my happy place. And, I love it here! I went out today…I did. I went and got a bagel at Wyckoff Starr. And, later on I have to water plants for Doug and Les. But, other than that…I’m here at the Lilypad…chillin!
It’s been a rough week. Truly… I have so many of my peoples going through something right now. And, people in general are going through things and as they experience, hurt, anger and pain, they allow it to separate them from the rest of us. It’s a dangerous game the ego plays with us, and most of us aren’t even aware.
A friend called me up yesterday to see how I was because he sensed that I wasn’t my usual self. And, I so wasn’t. I told him straight up, “I feel like an open wound! This isn’t my pain, I’m fine. It’s everyone else’s!” That’s what compassion is people, the ability to relate to other people’s feelings. And, there’s a lot of you out there in pain. And, you allow yourselves to believe that you are the only one going through it, and that no one can understand it, so you either tell no one, or you isolate yourselves from those who can help you find your way to the healing light. This is the overblown, over-indulged and out-of-control ego, and its plight to be the most important person in the room, no matter who gets hurt.
The truth is… WE ALL HAVE PAIN! But, seriously…what is pain? No, I don’t mean physical pain, as that is that is the final destination of pain that’s already ran through your entire system. The system being spiritual pain, that lead to emotinal pain, that lead to mental pain, that finally manifested itself into physical pain. See that? I just named four different parts of an individual, and yet, the ego wants you to think that it is you, and you are it…and that’s all there is. Sorry folks, that simply isn’t true. Your ego is a tiny sliver of all  you are. Please…get it under control and make it understand that it must share the stage with the rest of you. Otherwise, prepare for REAL pain, the pain of insanity, of dis-ease, of loneliness, of depression, of… you get the picture. It’s a real slippery slope when you start serving the ego, as it is NEVER satisfied, it’s always hungry.
All that being said, today…I’m better than ever. Even though I’m empathic, and I can feel other people’s feelings-pain included, I know who I am. I know that I am not in pain, unless I choose to be. And, no…I don’t choose pain. So…that is another reason why I’m enjoying my own company today. I’m the only person in the room, and I’m not at war with myself. I’m in love…  And, believe it or not…that’s how I woke up today. I woke up feeling love for…well…everyone. I nuzzled Zealot before I even got out of the bed, went to the bathroom, but, snuggled Oracle before I got there. And, then spent the better part of the day, calling people I love.
The cool thing is for the most part…everyone I love is doing well. And, even if they aren’t, its only a matter of time before they realize what the lesson is. Things are changing all around, people are waking up to the fact that the lives they’ve already lived cannot be lived in the same manner anymore. Why? It’s simple…the terrain is changing, and therefore the methods of planting and harvesting must change also. Meaning… It’s time for your “best self” to show up. Because your “just-enough” self, is on its way to push up some daisies. The question you need to ask yourself is… Which direction are you going? Change…is hard. HARD! You spend your entire life thinking you understand the world, you understand yourself and then…just like that… NOTHING IS WORKING! 2+2 no longer equals 4, but, 15! Z, is now the 1st letter of the alphabet, and A, the 20th! Or…the world was flat, and now you’ve been told it’s round! Actually, it’s pear-shaped, but, I digress… LOL. And, you have to decide, are you going to hold onto a dying history, or, are you going to forge into the future? That’s what’s happening people! Omelettes are going to be what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because…there’s a shitload of eggs that will be broken. And, yes…it can be painful. Only if you let it.
I talked to my mommy today, my older brother and my best friend. Two out of three were doing really great. And, one out of the three was in so much pain that I wanted to hurt someone. I take it personally when someone is hurtful, disrespectful, or oblivious toward someone I love. Truly…but, here’s why I DON’T go for the jugular with the sucidal fool that was stupid enough to hurt one of mine… Compassion! People don’t cause pain to be evil, they cause it because they, themselves are in pain. I know that. I GOT it. Whatever ugliness you inflict on someone, you WILL get it back. And, it doesn’t matter how much fire and brimstone I bring to you…it will NEVER compare to what you do to yourself. That’s why revenge isn’t sweet, it’s sad. People need to heal themselves…it’s past time.
How interesting is it, that the land of consumerism, is now at a place where it can no longer consume needlessly? The time to numb with credit cards, tv, shopping, drugs, drinking, sex, etc… is falling away. And, what will be left? YOU. You and your issues will finally have the chance to spend some quality time together and work on your relationship. The buffers are being removed, playtime is almost over, and responsiblity will be the new trend. The future is calling out to us all. Who’s riding? And, who’s dying?
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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