…And, who I am is better than I imagined.
The happiness has no beginning and seeks no end.
It was always there, ever-present, needing only to be released.
The love, it flows from me, through me, and to me freely…freely.
It is the high that only goes higher; the song that’s sung into infinity…
It is the light that darkness cannot escape.
One shift in thought, a tilt of the head and blink of my eyes…
The world was born anew and I in it.
All pain incurred, was either truly a temporary discomfort, or imagined altogether.
You know, I barely remember who I was, because she was someone who never really existed at all.
Like many before me, and too many after–she was a mask worn, longing in vain for acceptance from an audience that had forgotten to create itself.
Hmm…did I take too long? Or, long enough for me to remember that–this is who I AM–who I was all along. I only needed to awaken.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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