The world is moving at a rapid pace and I constantly find myself, checking in with me to make sure that Monica and I are cool with one another. And, if not… I sit her down and try to figure out what the problem is. There used to be a time when I was quite hard on myself…okay, I still sort of am, but, in a good way. It’s no longer based on fear.

Today, and most days, the question is: Am I living my truth? What does that mean? Well, to me, it means that I am approaching my life with the full knowledge that I manifest whatever my reality is. That I am the co-creator of my existence… That if it’s f-ed up, I’m the author of that saga…

I can say this honestly, most of the time, I’m extremely happy with me. To the point, where others really can’t stand me, because I’m always…well…happy. Even when I’m grumpy…I’m still kinda happy. Tired??? Yeah…I can find a smile or a laugh for myself. Why???? Cause it’s just not that serious people!!! There are a great deal many more souls out there tryiing to figure out the basics like: what am I going to eat? Am I going to eat? Where will I sleep tonight? So…I don’t feel sorry for myself, my problems and most people I think…are imaginary.

That being said, I aspire to be better tomorrow than I was today. And, I’ve developed more compassion than I’ve ever fathomed. And, you know what else??? Patience… And, if you know me, you know that’s huge!!!! I don’t think we have enough compassion and patience for one another anymore. Instant gratification on everything. And, when we don’t get it now…we turn on one another or ourselves.

Newsflash: I am spiritual being in a human body, and this here body…ain’t perfect. And, sometimes…it’s just frustrating as hell to be in here. And, because of my own personal frustrations, I can relate to yours. And, I can understand when you’re just not feeling it…. but, this too shall pass, right? So, until then, maybe I can offer you a smile, a laugh, a song, or a hug, just to get you to the next moment–when whatever it is that seems like everything now, will become it’s correct size of being…well…nothing. All this anxiety we feel, well…it’s breeding faster than rabbits in an orgy (lol…that was funny! And, dirty…hehe). And, it’s mighty contagious, too. All I’m saying is, if we checked in with ourselves more and not look for someone outside of ourselves to tell us we’re okay…then maybe we’d understand ourselves and how to live our own truth a bit better. Because not for nothing, if I have to start looking for my truth outside of myself—I’ll never get there. People rarely can ever agree on anything, so, looking for you out there could be a life-long quest with no resolution.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


I’m reading: Fallen Angels and the origins of Evil.

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