It’s been an awesome weekend so far. And, I just wanted to document one of the rare times in which, I want for nothing. And, I mean nothing.

I made no plans this weekend. The weekend started with a lazy walk about nyc in search of a good drink, with my dragon-friend “Igor”. Who, surprised me with his very easy demenor. It was good for me, and rubbed-off a bit too! ūüėČ If you want calm, it’s good to surround yourself with those who have some to spare.

Yesterday was about laughing, talking and contemplating life with my¬†best friend, and snuggle time with my furry babies.¬†But, most of all, this weekend has been about spending time with me. Ahh…¬†¬†Life is good. It’s wonderful to have nothing to complain about. To enjoy the sunshine, soak up the silence. And, to feel really good just “be-ing”. It’s not the norm for everyone, perhaps not even my norm…but, it’s damn-near close.

So much of our time is¬†spent¬†worrying about “do-ing” something, “working” on something, or for someone. Even a driven, ambitious person like myself, has been able to learn to appreciate stepping off the illusinary treadmills of life. It’s okay, you all can go without me. LOL… I’m good with not being like everyone else. And, I’m even better not being where they are. I’m starting to really hate crowds. The NYC subway at rush-hour will do that to you.

What gets me high is fresh-air, ocean waves, mountain views, and a star-filled night sky. What makes me feel accomplished, is the ability to be alone with myself, and not feel lonely. Or, looking into the mirror and loving the person staring back at me. What makes me laugh is seeing the ridiculousness of life–yes, for the most part…it’s just ridiculous. But, fun nonetheless.

Nirvana…yeah, I’m there. And, I’ll stay as long as I can. And, when I leave…I will promise to return as soon as I can.

“Breeze drifting on by you know how I feel…”

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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