So, it’s a Saturday and I’m kinda playing hooky, due to the lack of L train service, I’ve opted out of meeting my partner in the city to work on HP&T today. But, I’ll be working via internet later on…
The energy level of the ethers has been rather high, if it weren’t for the two glasses of wine I had last night, I probably wouldn’t have slept well. Since I’m sensitive to energy, I didn’t sleep much Thursday night. I just feel like something is about to happen. Ever felt like that before? Like you’re just waiting for something “big” to occur?
Anyway, this morning, before I truly got out of the bed, I meditated. It was a good, deep one. I seriously can’t imagine a life without meditation, excercise and yoga. I just need those things to function. As a highly energetic person, it’s the down time where I learn things and things start to make sense. Sooo what am I learning, you ask? I’m learning the brain can tell the body to heal itself, just as it can tell it to be sick. I truly believe we are equipped to heal ourselves. I’m learning that we can effect change in the world by changing ourselves. Real change, change that takes root happens one individual at a time, and it flows like a wild fire, or a wave across the globe, resulting in changing the world. That’s what Ghandi was talking about when he said to be the change you wish to see.
So, I’m total thrilled, my Mom was watching Oprah the other day when she introduced “The Secret” to the rest of the world. Now, if you don’t know what that is, well, I’ll leave it to you to find out, or not… I’ll say only this, the information is empowering. So, mom and I were having spiritual, philisophical discussion today and she told me something about myself that I already know. She says that although she knows, that I’m supposed to help people, she thinks in certain cases I try too hard. “Sometimes you try an help people who don’t want to be helped.” She says she didn’t want to come off as mean, but, she was concerned about me wasting energy on people who only want to complain and not really change. And, she has a valid point, and I’ve been learning this very important lesson. So, for all of you that wonder why I have no problem cutting people off without feeling bad about it–that’s why. A lot of unhappy people prefer being just that, even though they say otherwise. And, then they want somone to make them feel better for a while, but, then like all highs they crash, and are miserable again. Yeah, so, I’m not here make people feel them better about themselves, it’s more about teaching them to make themselves feel better. I got some knowledge, and I provide some tools, that’s it. And, if you “get it”–awesome. If you refuse… I gotta go. There’s a lot of life left to live and a lot more people to meet. So…that’s it for now, gotta get some work done.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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