“I wanna get high….so…high…”
 Yeah, I know that Cypress Hill was talking about smoking weed, BUT, I’m not! LOL… I’m talking about what gets me high… My drugs of choice??? Hugs! Kisses! Smiling faces! The breeze kissing my skin, the sun making my skin glow, the rain bathing me, the sound of waves, crashing, the applause of thunder! Can you dig???? Let’s throw in some yoga, a good run, a hike, or some T’ai Chi….. Now that is indeed, what’s up!
I’m talking about the visual high found on mountaintops, or, branches of a tree reaching up to the heavens. I’m talking about a full moon at midnight over the ocean. What chu know about dat? How about falling into a trance while listening to a digardoo??? An electric guitar? Drums??? Or, here we go—the human voice singing? You feel me? You’re not dancing free if you’re not trance dancing–and my version doesn’t require chemicals. 😉
Once upon a time, the Shamans, the priests, preistesses, mages, sages, sourcers, etc… needed aid to get out of their heads and bodies, to get to the other shore. Well…some of us don’t need that anymore.– No disrespect to those who still use the old ways, but, the evolution of the human mind, DNA and spirit is upon us. Give me good music that makes the kundalini dance–and I’m high. Give me solitude in nature–I’m high, dude! Let me receive and give love without fear or hesitation and—YO SUN, YOUR GIRL IS HIZIGH!!!! LMAO
And, you know what? My high has no bad side-effects. My high doesn’t require a phone call to a dealer of any sort. My high is free. My high comes from recognizing who I AM, and how I’m apart of everything around me. And, here’s the best part… my high doesn’t require REHAB! Now…if only Amy Winehouse could get down with my high, I wouldn’t feel sad for her everytime I heard that song.
Are you getting this??? Hello??? Are you feeling me? All of those souls out there looking for a high???  You have everything you need already, except a shift in perception. And, that can be done without a smoke, a snort, a shot, a hit, a…anything, or anyone. You got it all. So come on…get high on the real thing, the good stuff. In the meantime…I’m going back to trance dancing….
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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