You all know I attempted to do something nice for someone…and the chance was blown. And, I sent her packing. Ahh…youth, we spend so much of it being stupid. I don’t miss it! LOL
Remember when we were made of a fire that burned so hot and furiously, that it burned out of control? Well, that’s what I’m thinking happened with this young vocalist. She doesn’t know the rules, doesn’t respect boundaries and doesn’t know the real meaning of success.
You know Madonna once said that when she was just starting out, she’d use any and everyone to get closer to becoming a star. And, well…she is. Yet, her life seemingly didn’t have real meaning until she paid attention to her spirit–where she had been mostly demanding our attention. Hmm…. So, maybe she’s finally feeling successful in the real since. She now admits that she spent most of her youth as a selfish person, whom I guess she really didn’t like. Figures… I never really liked her either.
So, I’m an actor, singer, etc… and I rarely get paid for it. I’m not a household word, and my bushes are free of paparazzi. Am I not successful? I’d say I am. Everytime I perform my work to my own satisfaction, I’m successful. When my audience is transported by my performance, I’m successful. Because I’m an artist–not a movie star. I’m not confused by the difference between the two. I know this artist was born, not made. I couldn’t NOT be an artist, it’s who I am, what I breathe, eat, think and see. I’m true to myself, therefore true to my art.
Success? Hehe…takes on it’s true meaning when the fire isn’t raging out of control, but, can burn hotter, or cooler at will. It shows you have mastered the fire, therefore mastered yourself. And, that cannot be taken away from you, by a lack of applause or adoration of an audience.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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