It is the spot unfilled that ruins a view unseen.
On the edge of brilliance, like shards of glass in sunlight
–Twinkling rainbows drawing crimson water from the earth.
It is a dull ache weeping in quiet.
Muffled, suffocating behind each thought unacknowledged.
Kept in blue darkness, pressed against glaciers gasping.
Its reflection warped in perception
Impatiently, it awaits a skip in wax for a new sound to be lived.
Five lines, four spaces new music, new music.
Life: unlived, unseen, unheard.
Like smoke on the wind reciting stories of the embers that birthed it.
Or, like a mountain grieving his departure of the sea.
It is the space between smile and tear.
The space that leaves words unanswered.
It is missing.

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