So, today is Mother’s Day in the U.S. the day we honor the life-bringers in this country. And, all the things that she represents– nuturing, loving, expression of emotions, intuition, intimacy…etc. Why only one day? Why does the mother only get praise and acknowledgement on one day out of the year? Don’t worry, we’ll probably be having this convo on Father’s Day too.
In our current time we identify things in a dualistic way. Male/female, yen/yang, light/dark, day/night. It is in all things, no? Including us. Has it occurred to anyone (besides me) that we are made up of both the masculine and feminine? Hello, our xx/xy chromosomes prove it (thank you coldplay for bringing that to the foreground). So, why do reject the balancing of these two energies, if you will? Why is a male less of a male if he displays an emotion other than anger, or is a natual nurturer? Why is a female less of one if she enjoys sports, beer and isn’t a nurturer? Why do we have to prove our masculine and feminine selves to eachother to the point of overcompensation? In which case, things go out of balance, and ultimately, inside, we’re unhappy. Why? Because we’re relying on a society to define us, instead of defining ourselves. We’re all frustrated with society, it’s conformity, but, how many of us are saying, “Hey, this isn’t working for me, I’m going it alone until I figure out who I am, not who you told me to be.” Sad truth–not nearly enough! I think we forget that society is made up of individuals. These individuals agree upon something and then it becomes a belief, then a more’–or social standard. But, hey…what we’re not accounting for, is oftentimes, society is just plain WRONG!!!!  Yet, everyone wants to be part of the group, the gap commercial, the cool kids…so, they go along with something that in their core, they know is wrong. Why? I don’t know, but, I’m thinking they think acceptance can be found outside of themselves. I guess it’s a lot easier to be accepted by the group, than it is yourself.
Society would do well, at rethinking itself. We all have the x chromosome, nature thought it’d be a good idea. And, therefore, we should honor the feminine in ourselves as much as the masculine. No, they aren’t the same, but, still they are equal and very necessary. When there is no balance, there’s chaos.
Love Peace Happiness N One,
SunDeevah (Happy mother’s day, mothergoddesses everywhere!) 

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