Just enough…isn’t good enough! At least for a person like me. I don’t know where we all got the idea that having just enough of a life is enough life to experience. Is mediocrity the new black???? LOL No,seriously is it? Because if it is…I’m going naked, because black is one of my favorite colors.
In case you didn’t know, we’re all entitled to have an amazing life–a life filled with happiness, wonder and magic. It comes with birth–our birthright, if you will. So, then why do people settle? Because it’s easy, but, the pricetag is something you’ll pay into perpetuity. 
You settle for job B, instead of job A–and you feel it everyday you wake up and have to be there. And, then you start hating yourself, the job and everyone there.
You settle for boy/girl–b or c, instead of boy/girl A, and then years down the road…you’re paying, your kids are paying…your partners are paying. How? Oh that tone you develope when you address them, or that look of disgust that comes over you when you look in their direction. You hate them–and somewhere, they know it. And, more importantly, you hate yourself more because…well, you gave up on having the best that you could give yourself in life, and settled for plan B. Why, because alone seemed much scarier than settling. And, now…it’s all you crave, being alone!
I’m tired of everyone being so fucking lazy!!!! They cannot even show up for themselves, and then complain about how unfulfilled they are! Hmmmm…you’re in your garden, you’re planting seeds for squash, which you by the way detest… Harvest season comes, and you’re expecting your favorite veggie, spinach–except, you got squash instead! Wtf?! You don’t understand, and you’re angry, resentful and pissed off! Why? You got fruit of your labor and the seeds you planted. See, we tell ourselves lies almost every minute of everyday of our lives. We say stupid things like, “Well, this isn’t the career I wanted, but maybe it’ll work out.” Uh…in a word…NO! Or, here’s my favorite, “He’s not what I wanted in a boyfriend, but, maybe it’ll work out.” Good lord,NO! What’s up with all the freaking “maybe(s)”???? Why are we so freaking lazy that we don’t go after and say exactly what we want?! And, then have the audacity to get pissy when we don’t get exactly what we wanted!
My patience for this bullshit, is fading into smoke, because the solidity of it faded ages ago. I do not feel sorry for people who settle. Okay, stop, let me rephrase that, I do feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for people who take their creative energy and use it for mediocrity instead of precision. Sure, it’ll cost more–more work, more risk of getting hurt, more growing pains–but, it’s so freaking worth it! It’s like the rehearsal process… It’s where we deal with the icky to give a magical performance. I know, I’m so methodical when it comes to building a character, writing a show, or whatever because when I bring it to the world–I want to know that I’ve done everything that I could possibly do to make it what I wanted it to be. And, usually, okay, always– I’m better than I could’ve imagined. And, that magic, miracle, or whatever you want to call it, is why I don’t and can’t settle! And, I WANT MORE!!!!! Settling??? In the words of Whitney Houston, “Hell to the no, no, no!” Heehee…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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