Man… another week… done! And, yet, I still have so much to do. I do my 9-5er, and while its for a financial corporation, which I consider myself an infultrator of…I learn a lot. And, what I learn I bring over to both my other projects, Hot Pies & Tarts and the The ______ Project. I’m hustling 24/7! And, yet… AND, YET! I still get frustrated because I feel like I should be doing more. I’m not normal, I don’t get tired like normal people, so… when I feel slightly under the weather, I know, I gotta slow it up a bit. And, that happened last night. The worst of timing because I missed the opportunity to see a band, I know is perfect for the film project I’m working on. DAAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!! The weather set off the allergies, which set off the headaches, which shut down the Monica-Machine. Yes, people, in a lot of ways I’m a machine. If you’ve ever done business with me, you’d know this.
So, now… I gotta wait til the end of the month to make the connection I need to, and then work it from there. But, you know what? Everything happens in perfect order. EVERYTHING. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I were a real Executive Assistant. No disrespect, but, the only office I’ll be an office-monkey for, is my own! In the meantime, I learn how deals are made, and believe it or not, its usually done over drinks, dinner, or (gasp!) golf! That’s what the people who have money do to get more…they entertain eachother…
Do I have a social life??? Um…no, not really. There’s so many things I get invited to, and honestly, if I cannot somewhat relate the talents of the shows with the giving of birth to either one of my endeavors… I gotta pass. But, lucky for me, almost everything I get invited to does, in fact, work with the big picture. This is my big push. And, it ain’t easy, but, it sure as hell is fun. I say I’m a workaholic, but, is it technically work if you love it, like you love the feeling of an inhale? It’s not work to me, it’s creativity, and it as vital to me as my heartbeat. In fact, if you wonder whether or not I’m alive, don’t check my pulse…ask me if I can quote Shakespeare. If I don’t start doing the monolgue fromTaming of the Shrew, I might be dead! LOL
There’s sooo much going on… if only sleep weren’t a necessity, I’d have so much more done by now. Sure… I’d have huge black bags under my eyes, a receding gumline and be completely bald, but… hey, I’d have a store opened and a film production underway! I’ve always been about the work. Too many people live a life of existence, without passion. And, thank god, I’m not one of them! My life is sooo full, I can barely contain myself–actually, I don’t really try to, but, it sounded nice, didn’t it? Heehee.
Okay, I gotta bounce, I actually have some work to do… For all of you that have a weekend, a real one. Have a great weekend. For all the weekend warriors… ROCK ON!
Love Peace Happiness N One,
(Your girl) Sundeevah aka Star Bright aka

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