Gosh, how is it that my life is always rockin? Okay, I’m asking a silly question, because I know the answer. My life rocks, because that’s the way I choose to see it… Onto other things.
So, yeah, as I said before, I’m sitting in the rose garden, but, there is much going on beyond it. First, let’s get this out of the way. Type A personalities, never do nothing, okayd? There is not do nothing in me. Except when I’m meditating, even then one might argue that I’m doing something. I’m breathing and listening. While I’ve been in the rose garden, I’ve sent out a slew of resumes, made lots of phone calls, worked on my business plan, had a consultation for my tattoo, counseled people and read. Wow…do you think I have a problem? LOL
 Anyhoo, while smelling roses today, I spoke with one of my counselors…Conshana. Whom I truly adore! Like I’ve always said, if you’re the smartest kid in your circle, you need new friends! Conshana is very good at telling me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. A much wiser couselor than myself, or maybe wiser because he  is outside of myself. Who knows? But, he advise me to talk to people more and then write about it. Talk to people more?! LOL You mean, I don’t talk to them enough? Ahahahahaaha! So, all of you that hang with me when I start conversations with complete strangers, you have now been warned! People need to talk, and someone should listen to them. I used to voluteer at a homeless shelter for the elderly once upon a time. The shelter was in a church, and swear…I loved it! Older people, rock! It’s amazing how and why these people are homeless. I heard everything from not wanting to leave NY to not being a burden to the family, to need for independence. Makes you wonder. If you want to understand life and it’s cycles…talk to the elderly…they have so much to share, and not nearly enough audience to share it with.
I’ve discovered much about myself in this garden. I miss my artistic side. I’m a thespian. Not the fake kind, the real kind. I’ve studied the history of theatre, the various parts of being and actor, I’ve produced, directed, casted parts, done makeup, and am actually a certified Stage Manager (although I’ve never done it.) And, to me, everything can be put into the context of film and theatre. That being said, it looks like I have a shot at managing an office related to casting. Ahhh happiness! Yes, of course it would have an alarm clock attached to it, as the big picture is Hot Pies and Tarts. But, at least I could be around people whose minds work more like my own. People who aren’t relieved to hear I’m a performer so they don’t have to go on thinking I’m just wierd! LOLOLOL I’ll never understand the bullshit label thing. I just am, and that should be enough.
Am I the only one who’s read Illusions by Richard Bach? It is the story of a reluctant Messiah. One who knows what he must become and yet, tries to deny it and avoid it. And, well, I know quite a few folks like that. And, sometimes, one of them is me. But, I’ll say this…reluctance is painful! I wouldn’t advise it. The universe is always speaking, through you, through me, through dreams, songs, people, plants, air, animals…everything, everything, everything. Thus, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. And, sorry people there is no way to shut it up. I mean NO WAY. And, to attempt to do so will only end up causing you pain. So, we should all just breathe in some courage and do what must be done. Now, of course, you don’t have to, but, you are also saying yes to all the consequences of going against the flow. How rewarding is rowing upstream, or walking up a down escalator? It’s kinda like that. It never stops you know? The momentum. We just get better at going with it and making use of the time we have.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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