Saturday again… I slept til noon! It was a great way to end my wee hours of indulging great music! Last night I was at Joe’s Pub taking in the band Shrine for the Black Madonna. I promise you–you haven’t heard anything like this. I’ll put it to you this way, if Thelonius Monk and Charlie Parker decided to come back as rock stars…they’d sound something like this band! So, last night I picked up both of their CDs and if you’re interested in listening to them they are on my friend’s list, so…definately, if you’re into a rock/ funk  fusion, with a singer who’s voice somehow combines celtic, native american and african rhythms and leaves you haunted–you gotta check em out.
Anyway, the work week was good… My life is great, businesses are moving right along and the progress is amazing. Business number two aka the movie is about to be incorporated! WooooHooo! Right now, I feel like my life is a gorgeous day at the beach, its sunny, but, not too hot. The breeze is gentle and the waters are calm. And, I don’t want to do anything but, listen to the waves, bask in the sun and read a good book. Except in this case, I’m writing the book. Everything is in its proper place, and everyone that surrounds me loves me as I them. It’s a gorgeous day outside and I have a date with Harry Potter! LOL If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a fantasy/scifi geek! So, I’m pretty psyched about the movie, albeit, I haven’t read any of the books. So…yeah, today is shaping up quite nicely.
 The only  remotely deep thing I want to say is this: keep your teachers and guides close. Surround yourself with people that will help you become a better person, which isn’t the same as just getting ahead. I think a lot of people think that “doing” is more meaningful than “being”. And, well…it isn’t. You have to be who you are meant to be, before you can do what you are meant to do. –You know what I mean? How can I give a great performance as an actor, if I’m not living a life I can draw from? Right now, my very talented neice is in a performing arts camp. And, she’s learning the importance of honesty in life and how it relates to honesty in acting. That’s the key. Be who you truly are, live your truth and the things you do will reflect that honesty. Simply put and with the intestinal fortitude, it can be done. Have a gorgeous day people, be blessed.
 Love Peace Happiness N One,

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