I love my mom… I do. She’s grown a lot from being the controlling, micro-managing, emotional–blackmailing, Mommy I grew up with. I know, it doesn’t sound like the nicest things to say about your mom, but, I think all mommies are versed in these shadier tactics of parenting. But, alas, I lived through it–which is why I haven’t killed the nice lady training me in my new job. In fact, I love her, because she reminds me of my mom. Her suggestions are really orders, no one can do anything better than her and she’s right even when she’s wrong! LOL She’s a serious smoker and coffee-drinker, which means she’s always on edge, everythings a fire and she’s going too-fast all the time, and forgets she’s already done stuff. But, damn is she good at her job. And, she’s really sweet. It doesn’t matter that she treats me as if  I don’t have 10yrs experience under my belt. Or, that I’ve repeatedly said, I understand how the company’s software systems, and chain of commands work. Nope–I let her talk, because: 1. No one knows more than her. 2. No one can do anything better than her. 3. She worked for our boss the longest out of all his assistance. Now, ask me  how many of those points are really true! Above all, she means well and she wants me to succeed. Even if her overbearingness, is enough to make a less confident  person drink, scream, or develop an anxiety disorder. I kinda get a kick out of it, not to mention its only for two weeks. I honestly am not absorbing her anxiety– it’s a waste of energy, if you ask me. So, I kinda just turn down the microphone portion of my ear when she starts with the “what I would do(s)…”, or the “Your #1 priority is…” I enjoy it because most of the time, there is no training, I have to figure things out for myself, because no one else knows anything. And, eventually, she gets tired and that’s precisely when I display my abilties and knowledge–which is actually extensive. It’s funny because you can see the look of “Oh…you knew that?” On her face–and, I just sorta laugh, quietly and respectfully. I find that sometimes, it’s best to let people talk themselves to death, because they need to prove their own self-worth, and sometimes, just like the sound of their own voice. As, long as I have the knowledge, why should  I bother them? Eh…it’s an act of kindness–everyone should feel important, wise and knowledgeable some of the time. Right?  Plus… I was able to go to the gym and let go of the day with my 8 mile stationary biking trip! Now…Saturday, back to yoga! LOL Long live the know-it-alls!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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