11/11/11… How lovely… how sweet, how beautiful the energies are of this day. And, yet, do you understand what’s being asked? No? This is the gentle urging, the sweetest call you may have ever heard, or answered. This is you saying to you–“Come out and play with me!” Will you answer? Hmm… soon we shall all see.

All week, I’ve watched my clock call me to witness the alignment. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55… Pay attention soul, it’s happening right before your very eyes… The old energies, tired, thread-bare, and ready to go back into the void, are leaving… And, how will you handle this departure? How will you adjust yourself to this transition we are in? You could try and hold on to what was, for a lack of understanding the iminence of change, but, I should warn you–this is not a wave you can stop…but, it is one you can ride. This change can work for you, if you work with it. Or…you can leave with the old, in a myriad of ways–What say you?

Lightworkers at  all levels, are finding that they are ready to move forward. And, while some are far ahead, others are in the throws of  transformation. And, that’s not always pretty, but, it is necessary. Lately, I’ve been taking more calls for aid from lightworkers, and I’m so honored to help. In fact, I’ve been getting so many calls, that I’ve decided to add it to my list of services. But, my people, my beautiful bright ones… All is well in all of creation. As you shed who you were, whether is seems that you’re losing your mind, your identity, yourself– I promise… You are doing GREAT! No, not good—GREAT! Change, real change requires courage, it requires faith, it requires action. And, I also should mention that in this time… the wheat is and will continue to be, separated from the chafe. GO WITH IT!

Even in our community of spirit, there’s a type of sifting happening. There are those who hear the call to action so clearly, that they do not understand why the “aware” soul next to them continues to chant in earnest, rather than feeling the urge to find their boots, sword and emerge into the world from the “temple”, “sanctuary”, “ashram”… you get the point. Why is it some are moving, and some are remaining passively aware?? Hmm… Truth? Because while all may here the call, not all will answer it. Ah, you mean, you have to DO something–oh, YES…Do! That’s where we are right now. We’re at the DO-ing stage. And, those who choose not to “do”, will find the “safety” of their temple of choice being taken away from them, by the demise of the energies of old. It cannot be what is once was, it must become what it will be. And, you creator, must participate, in order to fully live  and thrive in what will be the New.

So many, myself included, get caught up in the drama of the demise of the old. So many changes, seemingly at once. But, no…it isn’t so… the changes have always been appropriate, and we as a collective conscious have chosen where the world is now. Why welcome the new, if the old is too comfortable? How do you make space for the new, if the old dominates it? You cannot… So, as I’ve stated before…let it go. It doesn’t have to be pretty by your standards, although in the grand scheme it is always remarkable. It doesn’t have to be perfect in your mind, although, it is perfect because it is yours… But, eventually, if you are to go “home”, or remember who you truly are–you must take this journey. And, by the way–we’re all going “home”. Though some may choose to create a long,  and painful journey: they too, will get there.

So Masters… I, along with all that there is, reminds you… You are God also. You are a Master here and now. What will you do with this knowing? How will you create yourself, your reality, your life from this point forward. No pressure, as you CANNOT ever get it wrong–but, come… let us play and enjoy embodiment, for the beautiful adventure, the beautiful gift that it is!

Love Peace Happiness N One.



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