The crew has been bugging me with this subject for some time. And, so today, is the day that the energies have been transmuted into words. So, therefore I can write about it.

Mantras, positive affirmations and other “magical” languages are not only wonderful ideas, or pretty words that we repeat to ourselves as we chant; They are call a to do and be. Therefore, to get stuck simply repeating words to ourselves, over and over can become a mental exercise, never making its way out of our minds and into our day to day living.

Do not get me wrong, I love the sound of chanting, but, its never been enough for me to simply listen to them. I need to know what the words mean. For example I’m a huge fan of “Om mani padme hum”. When I first heard it, it wasn’t the sound of the words that got to me, but, the feeling of the vibrational energy of these words. As, I’ve said before, it’s not the words, its the energy behind them. So, I looked up this popular mantra. I’ve found, after looking up several translations that its a call to your heart. Its a chant to honor your sacred heart, or the heart chakra. That isn’t something one can simple say to themselves, “Okay, remember your heart.” No. It’s an invite for you to quiet yourself, go deep within and remember who you are at your core and how this core connects us to one another and all there is in the universe.

What does “Serenity now”, really mean? It’s a call for calm, for peace within ourselves. Saying, “serenity now”, without the conscious breathing, or stilling the mind is useless. Yes…I said that, and, its true. Repeating mantras without actively incorporating them into your energetic sphere, in order for your signature vibration to be upgraded, is a waste of time.

We like words, words are great, you can do so much with them. Hell, I love words. But, but, but…no matter who we are, there comes a time, when we expect the words to lead to an action. We expect it from other people, yet, we let ourselves off the hook. We make up excuses, distractions and then wonder why we don’t feel different after chanting our mantras and affirmations over and over. Simply put: You only brought half of yourself to the table, and that half is the part that stores and processes information. The part that does something, never got the persmission to “do”.

If we really want true changes in our lives, after a sufficient amount of chanting our mantras and affirmations, we’ve got to shut up and live them. That’s the balance of change. I AM that I AM. This is a statement of recognition. And, when you truly know your own I AM, every part of you will respond with a YES, I AM. That cannot be faked, it cannot be chanted into being–it, like all these beautiful phrases must be sought, worked for, practiced and become part of our definition of ourselves.

What about something as simple as say, your name? How many times a day is your name called, and you answer to it? I have always had a fascination with names. I always ask people if they know the meaning behind their names. I’m surprised how many people do not. So, wait, we have this word aka name, that means us, and we answer to it, but, we don’t know what it means? Odd. Or, at least it is, to me. In the early stages of my life, I was convinced I was named wrong. I remember thinking, I don’t know about this “Monica”, I don’t feel like a “Monica”.  But, what I was responding to was the energy behind my name. I thought I should be a “Diana”–okay, yes, she was a Goddess, but, I digress. 😉 But, I remember being in kindergarten and the first grade thinking my name should’ve been “Diana”. Later on, I realized, I’d have to grow into “Monica” –by the way, “Monica” means counselor. No, I’m not joking, it does. And, its also derived from the name Mary. It took some time, but, I did grow into my name, and I took ownership of the energy behind it. My middle name, a derivative of the name “Patrick” means “noble” –yep, had to grow into that too. But, being Monica Patrice aren’t words I write over and over, or answer to–the energy of being a couselor–a noble one at that, are vibrations I actively added to my energtic self.

While I love words, I know that slice of personality we call ego, likes to think its working very hard with all the “thinking” it can do. 

“I read the words over and over, why isn’t that enough??”

Okay well, but, did your reactions to yourself or the world change? Did that reading shift your life, or, your brain? Right. Once more, with feeling, if you please.

“I know, I’ll go read more words.”

Great, but, don’t they require you to do something?

“I am doing something, I’m reading a lot of words! I’ve memorized words, I can quote the words verbatim.”

Amazing, so, how do you incorporate what you’ve memorized into your life?

“Uh, yeah, I’m still working on that, you know, that takes a lot of time.”

You can spend so much time and energy, reading and memorizing, but, implementation has to be a slow process?? Huh? That makes no sense to me.

Do you see what’s going on here? We get stuck, gathering information, memorizing, researching all to avoid doing! Why? Because doing is work. Doing requires you to dismantle all of your old habits, ways of seeing, believing and then restructuring them. You know it will be uncomfortable. You know it will require discipline, you know there will be many stumbles before you get the hang of this new “walk”, so… you’d rather read, chant, repeat, research more words. Because hey, other than time, some energy and a few bucks here and there, what is it really costing you?

You cannot “know” the words,  not “do” the work, and change. You cannot chant the call, but, never truly heed it and become enlightened. To get “there”: You will get dirty. You will sweat. You will experience discomfort, and pain (real and imaginary). Pretty words lived require nasty breakdowns of your old self, to grow your new self.

Think of it as going to the gym. Sure, everyone can get on the tread mill, but, if you’re looking to become a runner, you cannot just walk, you cannot power walk. You have to set the time, and speed a bit beyond comfortable. You have to learn how to breathe properly, proper form, how to run through your screaming muscles begging you to stop. You have to learn to find sweat beautiful and relish in your own not-so-fresh smell. Why??? Because it means you worked for it! You earned those shapely legs after the shower, your perfectly toned ass… that’s yours, you earned it!

Our spiritual growth is no different than intellectual, or physical growth. Once you’ve gotten  your directions, once you’ve heard the call, you must understand there will be real work involved. It’s your work, no matter who authored the pretty mantras, affirmations, or what have you. And, you know what else? The reward of growth, wisdom and change–that’s all you too. And, everytime you do it, like all the atheletes and great minds in the world, you inspire someone to do the same.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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