You know that job, that I just started and thought would be a great opportunity? Well, sportsfans…it’s over! Yep, I found out 8pm on Friday night, after working approximately 5 days, only 3 of which were while my boss was in the office! I left another job, to take this job people. Why? Because it was a good career move, and I feel like it was a set up to begin with. I’ve written about the know-it-all former admin of this person, and how she was quite annoying to the point of insulting with her brand of training. What I didn’t mention was that when I walked in there on Monday, I had no idea that she would even be there. See? Blind-sided from beginning to end! This woman was such an insecure person, who seemingly believed the only two things she was good at were being this man’s assisant (at least 1 1/2 ago) and having her daughter! Otherwise, she either smoked too much, drank too much coffee, has a missing verterbrae, a skin condition, bad teeth and was too fat! Oh and doesn’t like people touching her. In other words, she’s a bit off! You would think our boss, a therapist would know that! Thing is, I think he does and just uses her issues to his advantage! All week, I’ve been told what a nice guy he is, how lucky I am to work for him…. Hmmm, really? I don’t see it at all!  In the entire 3 days the boss was there, the old admin never let me get near him. My atttitude was I would get to know him after she went back to her regular job in Florida. And, then I got last night’s phone call!
What my real frustration is– is what’s wrong with people in the workplace? Seriously, I’m really sick of people viciously attacking one another in the work place! I’m sick of the unnecessary competition, the misplaced insecurities. And, the need to keep people like myself from succeeding. I wish I could say this incident was isolated, but, it’s not! And, I’m not the only one. There are those people in the workplace that realize very quickly who the would-be superstars are, and they actively attack them any way that they can! It’s truly sick! And, then there’s these bosses, who truly don’t care enough about themselves or their staff, to see this crap for what it is, and let it be known that personal attacking will not be tolerated.
Honestly, I never grew up saying I wanted to work for anyone. It was first to be an actor…always, but, I realized that I have the talent to do a lot more. And, that is what the pursuit has been. I happen to be very good at whatever job I undertake. That’s a fact. And, I swear to you, since graduating college, in almost every job, I’ve had to deal with gossiping, backstabbing and personal attacking for one reason or another. And, the truth is, I don’t talk to people I work with. I don’t like cliques, I don’t have a need to belong to the stupid little groups that people set up. I was the same way in highschool–I don’t sweat, or give thought to the small stuff! And, to be honest, I believe that’s what annoys people the most. Everyone is trying to fit in, and then there’s people like me, who just want to do their jobs, do them well, and go home!
What’s next? I haven’t the foggiest, but, I’m sure it’ll be better than the insanity ward I just left, or should I call it hall of lies and smoke screens? Hmmm…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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