I’ve just realized (again) why I am in the entertainment and retail business. It’s all about being a Libra, with healthy dose of Gemini. My friend Gene will tell you, “Monica doesn’t do ugly.” And, seriously… I don’t. And, let me define “ugly” as I see it:  Aesthetically, incorrect. Not standing out. Without omph! Doesn’t speak for the person or thing being expressed. I’ve come to realize that I just naturally have this ability to make things pretty to the point of  both sassy and sexy. Is it an art? Yeah, I think so. I mean, knowing how color works together is a huge deal. Understanding how the body can be enhanced by color, fabric and fit is important. Some people wear clothes and makeup out of necessity, I use it as a medium of expression.
I can actually say this talent–no, no, need–this need  for things to be pretty goes into words as well. Whenever I write poetry it always comes out as imagery. Everytime. I like painting pictures with words. And, the same goes for any script I’m working on too. To me…everything is an expression. I even treat cooking and hosting parties as a means of expression. Food, fun, laughter–that’s the best. And, a huge part of my southern hospitality. You will never attend a beer and chips party at The Lilypad–we feed people here! LOL Even if you’re just hanging out with me, chances are you’re gonna get fed. See? Southern!
I had this realization over the past two days when I found myself being asked for my opinon on some endeavors by two separate friends. One asked me to help him with his biography, a very talented actor who’ll be on your tv this fall! 😉  That was fun! And, the other friend just started her own PR & Event Co. In both cases, I think I was helpful. It has to do with listening. I can’t say enough how important listening is in the service industry. And, let’s face it–all industries are the service industry! But, the truth is… we need these kinds of things in our everyday lives, it really helps if its from your friends. I mean the real ones, not those you “associate” with– HUGE difference.
I not only am that friend who will tell you that shirt, doesn’t work with those pants. Or, your your eyeshadow is to heavy, “Blend is your friend!” LOL But, I’m also the chick who has been known to have conference calls with two of her best friends (who, to this day have never met in person) about how to deal with a certain Frenchman. That was sooo fun! LMAO! If confused about how do handle a work situation, yeah…that’s gonna be quite a few calls, with several people, some emails and maybe even a text or two. Sometimes… I um…over analyze or as Claire calls it, “Thinking. And, you don’t want me to get to thinking too much!” LOL But, its sooo true. Sometimes you need your sounding boards to keep you from thinking your way into a little town called Crazy!
I have friends to discuss girl-things with. I have friends to translate boy-stuff for me. –Friends to tell me where the latest spot is to wear high heels and sit on plush couches–her b-day is this weekend, so look out for my 80’s pics next week! I have friends to keep me hip to the most obscure movies known to man. I have friends who will gladly and gleefully wear glitter on their faces, and flowers in their hair with me.  I have friends to sit around the campfire, or sweatlodge, sacred-circle, etc. to discuss deep spiritual matters with–actually, that’s almost all of them. LOL  The point is, whatever I need to express, I have a innercircle friend for. Yeah…it’s extremely cool. This is one of the major ways of how I maintain me–by having a lot of amazing beings on call, pretty much 24/7 all over the U.S.  Blessings, blessings, blessings all around. This is how I get down. “Can you dig it?! I KNEW that you could!” (Saturday Night Fever reference.)
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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