I just came back from New Mexico: The land of enchantment. And, wow…did I fall in love.

Home is so many places for me. It’s where my heart and soul sing. It’s where I feel like I’m in a perpetual hug, and it’s where I don’t want to leave. And, I just found a new home in New Mexico.

Like another magical place I’ve had the pleasure of going to, Lake Tahoe, the mountains of New Mexico speak, they sing, they ache with the history of land fought over.

I went on a hike with my friend and was greeted by the spirits of the desert. From a pueblo Kachina, that told me I’d be “triumphant” in all my passions, to the Apache scout overlooking the lands…to the inevitable invasion of the white man–those mountains spoke to me. And, yes, it made me cry.

We forget. We forget that every living thing on this planet holds memory, keeps record of what has been, and who was here before us. My visions and council with the spirits of the Organ mountains were confirmed when I did a bit of research in its history. The ancient pueblo had lived there, followed by Navajo and Apache..and yes, eventually the Spainards…. If you listen, the land will tell you about itself.

I noticed late one night, while outside with friends the very air was twinkling. All around me it was twinkling like blinking fairies… And, then I realized what was twinkling–me. My hike and meditation in the mountian allowed me to carry some of the land’s energy with me–excactly what I had come for.

Later in my trip, I was able, with the help of some of unembodied friends, to make a medicine wheel of protection in my friend’s backyard. His home is protected by the love, joy and divinity of myself and those who came to my aid.

I’ve returned to the city so much happier, more complete and possibly more grounded than I’ve ever been.

Las Cruces, NM…my other home, I look forward to my return to you.

Love, Peace Happiness N One,


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  • Thank you for this. I, too, have fallen in love with Las Cruces, the Land of Enchantment. I am drawn there and can’t wait to return. LC invigorates me and grounds me at the same time. I am home.

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