On a planet where you can choose your creation, in a body that is born with the understanding of at the minimum, the energy of “yes” and “no”– How then, do we always seem to end up lost in our lives? Are we lost? Or, are we being stubborn to the realities around us, and ignoring the realities within us?

We claim to be seduced by the lies of another, but, I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t mentioned “gut-feelings”, or “instinct”. And, yet, when their ego is told a lie they want to believe, they say, “yes” to it. And, when they do not end up in the desired place, they claim they have been deceived by the liar. And, now, they are lost. But, wait a minute, who really deceived you? The person who said what you wanted to hear, or the part of you that chose to believe it? C’mon, now… this whole “I’m innocent” thing is not only tired, its dangerous.  Pretending to be lost, can cost you so much in life. So, please… can we stop now?

These days, I’m amused by the game of deception that so many are willing to play with one another. A person tells you what you want to hear, you believe it–you get screwed, and then, you say, “but, they said…” Here’s a newsflash… people LIE. And, why? It’s simple, they want what they want, just like you want what you want. And, in the realm of free will, no one has to be honest, honorable, or respectful. These are choices. What’s more, no one has to listen to the lie, deal with the liar, or, go along with the lie. Again, this is a choice.

The game, the game of “I want”. Aren’t you tired, yet? “I want” ruins economies, it breaks up relationships, it destroys things… “I want” unchecked is destructive. Because it’s most likely that whatever you “want”, you “want” it from someone else, who, DOES NOT have to give it to you. And, when you cannot gracefully accept that FACT–nastiness can ensue. If you look at the horrible things that we as a species do, it most likely comes from an “I want”.

“I wanted the car, but, I had no money, so… I stole it.”

“I wanted him/her, but, I’m married, so, I cheated.”

“I wanted the land, but, there were natives there, so, I killed them.”

“I wanted your money, so, I talked you out of it.”

Get the picture? We keep looking for what we “want” outside of ourselves. Rather than wanting OURSELVES.  If you wanted you, you’d never want anything else–that isn’t to say, you could enjoy having other things, but, there would be no desperation about it. But, for some reason, everything else seems easier to acquire. Crazy isn’t it? It’s like chasing a rainbow. We can’t just admire the rainbow where it is. And, be grateful that we saw it, no…we have to have the rainbow. Thus, we are constantly on the “chase” for something, that we are not only never going to have, but, aren’t entitled to.

Whenever you look outside yourself to find what’s missing–you will get lost. Whenever you try and be someone you aren’t to win the affections of someone else–you are going to get lost. Whenever you only want to deal with the “good” aspects of yourself and ignore  the “bad”–you’re going to get lost. Lying will get you lost. Deceit will get you lost. Dishonoring yourself will get you lost. Giving away your power of choice will get you lost. Not using your voice will get you lost. And, the only person who can truly deceive you about these things is you–YOU.

While I can be compassionate at those who deceive themselves and, then project it onto others, my sympathy runs extremely low. There is no person on the planet who does not have the same basic desires as you. There’s nothing wrong with desires, there’s nothing wrong with wanting. But, when you must aquire anything through deception, dishonesty, force, and act dishonorably–you may think you are getting what you want, but, in the end, you will look up and realize–you are still LOST.

I cannot say wake up enough, I cannot ask you enough to own your personal power. Your power: that is the reality within. That is what’s behind the internal scream that never gives you a moment of peace.  In every aspect of your life–you have a choice. And, regardless if you never acknowledge it–its there, you’ve made it and your life reflects it.  You can either acknowledge your power of choice, and consciously exercise your free will, or, you can continue to believe all the lies you want to hear, and then feign victim, when once again, you find yourself lost. And, perhaps you are a victim, but, the offender…is YOU.

That’s the knowlege… Thems the tools… Using them…that’s your choice.

Love Peace Happiness n One,


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